Casey Anthony Negotiating For TV Interview

Casey Anthony Negotiating For TV Interview

Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, is negotiating a deal with some television networks to find out who wants to shell out the big bucks for her first post-jail interview!

She was already offered one million dollars to tell her story, by a former producer for the Jerry Springer Show. Now, it appears that she’s trying to wrangle in even more money for the first interview. One million isn’t enough? Especially when you think that there are going to be clauses in the contract that state the interviewer is not allowed to ask any hard hitting questions….right?

TMZ has the scoop:

Sources tell TMZ … NBC, ABC and CBS are all competing for the first interview. Sources connected with the negotiations tell TMZ there is a “big price tag” for the interview. We’re told the networks — which say they don’t pay for interviews — are saying they will license photos and other material and pay big bucks.

We’re told NBC looks like the frontrunner so far, but ABC is in the game. We’re told CBS “is a distant third.”

I will not watch anything this woman does. She is a shameful beast who should not be allowed to profit from her two-year-old daughter’s death. Besides that, if she wanted to say something in her own defense, she could have done that on the witness stand. But — she didn’t. So we don’t want to hear anything she has to say.

Do you?

5 responses to “Casey Anthony Negotiating For TV Interview”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, we are eager to hear what charming, courageous Casey Anthony has to say, and to see her first fashion photo-shoot, and to read her racy, risque, revealing autobiography. Casey is an exquisite, enchanting, exciting young lady.

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  3. Ditkabean says:

    She is a horrid excuse for a human being let alone a mother. Any network that pays her for an interview will be banned from my house. If she does get paid for interviews she should be forced to use that money to pay for her legal defense. She is getting paid for murdering her baby and beating the legal system which is elementary at best. Totally disturbing.

  4. cindyp says:

    Oh, she’s a celebrity now?  If I saw that bee-och on the street, I’d kill her myself!  And as for watching any media about her?…forget it…  The sight of her makes me want to PUKE.

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