Chris Brown Gives the VIP to Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Jackson

Chris Brown Gives the VIP to Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Jackson

Looks like hip hop artist Chris Brown has another fan – and it’s none other than Michael Jackson’s 13 year old daughter, Paris.

Chris performed last night in L.A, and spared no expense by giving her quite the show.  He invited Paris to the pre-show sound check and was apparently super friendly towards her.  Well of course he was – who wouldn’t be?  The guy would be an idiot to turn his nose up to the late King of Pop’s daughter.  Wait a second, nothing Chris Brown does these days is intelligent so you never know.

Paris naturally had front row seats with her friends where she watched the sold out show.  Paris had this to tweet afterwards:

 “Blew my MIND!!!!” i was in the front & it was just like, mind-blowing!!! hahaha! Amazing, mindblowing, outstanding, crazy, like… indescribable lol.”

Looks like somebody’s smitten.  Should we tell her that he’s a douche?  Just saying.

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  • laura

    The one who is douche YOU BITCH WHO EVER WROTE THIS SHIT …SMH 

  • milan

    chris brown <3333333333333333

  • Paul Red

    It’s a good thing she had fun, getting away from all the b.s. –  Paris Jackson is all over the map lately. She was spotted months ago posing with the infamous Julian Rouas promoting the controversial Jackson Tribute Fragrances.