Court Rules In Favor Of Halle Berry Over Gabriel Aubry

Court Rules In Favor Of Halle Berry Over Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry’s Ex, Gabriel Aubry lost a round in court yesterday.  Gabriel tried to put Halle in a situation where she could either earn a living or be with her baby but Halle went to court and beat him.

Sources connected with the former couple say Gabriel Aubry told Halle he would not let her take Nahla to New York City to shoot a movie.  This despite Halle offering to put Gabriel up in a fancy hotel during the 1-week shoot so he could be with the baby – but he still said no.

Gabriel isn’t working right now responded spitefully:  “Why do I have to follow her?  She can leave Nahla here.”

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ruled Wednesday that Halle could take the baby with her. 

Friends of Halle say Gabriel knew what he was signing up for when he impregnated her and he’s just acting out of spite.

Halle already dropped out of the film, “New Year’s Eve,” to fight this and other issues with Gabriel in court, was offered another role in the film and that’s why she’s going to NYC. 
But the battle isn’t over yet.  Halle has other films in the works, and she expects Gabriel will continue to cause problems under the guise of fighting for his parental rights.

Image credit to Anthony Dixon  WENN