Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison To Star In New Reality Show

Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison To Star In New Reality Show

Teen bride and eye-roll inducing Courtney Stodden and her husband, Doug Hutchison have signed on for a reality show. Jesus, please take the wheel, because I can’t drive this dog and pony show any longer.

Reportedly, the controversial couple have signed a television deal with Roy Bank, the president of Merv Griffin Entertainment.

Courtney and Doug gushed about the deal, saying, “We are so excited to be working with Roy Bank, a great professional in this business. We are proud that we were able to find the perfect producer for our reality show and are thrilled to be working with this prestigious production company.”

This marks the end of the world as we know it, I’m sure of it. Courtney’s mother, Krista, also piped up to say, “The reason we went with Roy is because we feel that he is the man who will be able to place Courtney’s show in front of the best network for her.”

In addition to that, Krista’s pimping out the new show’s openness. She added, “They are going to be very, very open about their lives. They want everybody to see their life. Nothing is off limits.”

I wonder how many times she’s going to pucker her lips sideways and toss her hair back in the show’s season premiere? I guess everybody loves a trainwreck, don’t they?

Will you watch Courtney and Doug’s reality show? Or are you like us and are mostly creeped out by their weirdness and attempted famewhoring ways? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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