Defense Witness Dr. Paul White Disrupts Court Proceedings – Held In Contempt Of Court

Defense Witness Dr. Paul White Disrupts Court Proceedings - Held In Contempt Of Court

It was a bad day for Dr.Conrad Murray in his trial for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. His key defence witness, Dr.Paul White, not only told the jury that Murray put Michael’s life at risk but then Dr. White was nailed by the Judge for contempt of court and fined $1000. Dr. White refused to heed judge Michael Pastor’s warning not to talk about a conversation he had with the defendant.

As the prosecution and defence teams wrapped up their cases in court on Monday before turning to jurors for a decision, there was final drama during expert witness Dr. Paul White’s latest day in court, when he repeatedly violated orders to refrain from testifying about private conversations with Dr. Murray.

White is the defense team’s final witness and the linchpin of their case.

It’s the second time Pastor has held White in contempt – he used a profanity during a heated exchange with a member of the prosecution team on 21 October. The judge recalled White back to court for a hearing on 16 November.

On Monday, the courtroom was briefly cleared after Dr. White referred to a conversation he had had with Murray, who is accused of administering the fatal dose of anaesthetic Propofol which cost pop star Michael Jackson his life. Judge Pastor told him he could not offer up private responses he’d had from Murray.

Less than two hours later, White upset Pastor further when he testified he had additional information to share with the jury but the judge told him he couldn’t.

He was held in contempt and fined.

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  • Paul Red

    Four gallons of propofol, that’s enough to put the whole courtroom to sleep! This doctor is out of his f*****g mind or what? Notice how he remains eerily stoic and expressionless; he knows he screwed up. This doctor has betrayed the Hippocratic Oath; he is guilty as sin. However, Michael also had a huge responsibility in his own demise. Say no to drugs. The pharmaceutical and medicine industry are the biggest fraud.
    Nearly 800 thousand people die every year in the USA from iatrogenic diseases (diseases caused by medical treatment – Physician-induced) As the Christ was the most famous victim of crucifixion Michael Jackson is the most famous victim of iatrogenic diseases (I’m not implying any parallelism or likeness between MJ and the Christ other than what is explicitly said in this comment, if you have a problem with that; it’s your problem) – Also, say no to the numerous MJ’ s exploitation out there. Joe Jackson is still pursuing to launch a line of perfumes with a professional crook. See the sickening photos of Julian Rouas posing with MJ’ s kids, Prince and Paris, to promote his stinking Jackson Tribute Perfumes