Dina Lohan Thrilled Lindsay Dodges Additional Criminal Charges In The Betty Ford Incident

Dina Lohan Thrilled Lindsay Dodges Additional Criminal Charges In The Betty Ford Incident

Lindsay Lohan has caught a much needed break – she will NOT be charged for her alleged assault on Dawn Holland during her stay at The Betty Ford Centre.
Officials with the Riverside County District Attorney have decided that they were not filing charges “due to insufficient evidence” to prosecute Lindsay, 24, in the alleged December 12, 2010 altercation with staffer Dawn Holland at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California.

Holland accused Lindsay of throwing a phone at her, after she allegedly caught the actress drinking and violating curfew, spurring an investigation from the Palm Desert Police Department as to whether Lohan had violated her probation in the incident.

When Dina learned that charges will not be filed against Lindsay she said: “I have known all along my daughter was innocent.”   “I only found out that the D.A. wouldn’t be filing charges today after reading it on line” Dina, 48, said.  “Our lawyer hadn’t even had the chance to contact us yet with the news.”

Dina said her famous daughter was elated upon learning she’d have one less legal hurdle to overcome.   “Lindsay didn’t know until Tuesday night and when I texted her the good news, she was at a charity event and she texted me back, ‘Great, Awesome! Thanks Mommy. Goodnight! We are all just so relieved, we were all waiting for the truth to come out that Lindsay was innocent.” 
“Lindsay has been working on her sobriety: she has been following the Betty Ford program and they have been supportive throughout this entire experience,” Dina said. “They stood behind her and had faith in her the whole time.  I have known all along my daughter was innocent,” Dina said. “I am just so happy this is over with.”

Lindsay still has to deal with a felony theft charge on accusations she stole a necklace from a Venice Beach jeweler.  She’ll be back in court on Friday,  April 22, in front of a new judge, who will rule if there is sufficient evidence for a jury trial to proceed.

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