Greedy Kris Jenner Wants to Cash In On Brody Jenner and His Girlfriend Avril Lavigne

Greedy Kris Jenner Wants to Cash In On Brody Jenner and His Girlfriend Avril Lavigne

Kris Jenner who acts as manager for the Kardashian clan is said to have her greedy eyes on grabbing step-son Brody Jenner, 28,  and his girlfriend Avril Lavigne, 27,  as a client.  Kris is trying to convince hubby Bruce Jenner that it would be a rating coup to have his son Brody and girlfriend Avril appear on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’  Now Kim does not want to stop there, she wants to totally take over Brody and Avril’s careers.

National Enquirer reports  “Kris is always trying to come up with ideas to make the Kar­dashian empire even bigger,” said a family insider  “She knows the show got some flak for being boring last season, so her new plan to spice it up is to get Brody and Avril to make appearances on it. Her ultimate goal is to take over as their manager. Kris sees nothing but dollar signs in Avril.”

Now why would Kris be so interested in taking over Brody and Avril you might ask.  Well Kris gets a whopping 10% of their earnings if she becomes their manager.  Considering that Avril is worth $45 million that is a lot of $$$$ for Kris.   You think she would be satisfied with the 10% she gets from six of her children already.  Not Kris, it is all about the money for her!

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Image credit to WENN

  • Kip

    Avril wake up and dump that useless idiot

  • Sarah

    You guys really need to start revising your posts BEFORE posting them. It seems every time I read a post/blog/entry there’s a wrong name, a misspelled name etc. It gets hard to follow sometimes. Like in this post for example…Kims name comes out of no where when the post isn’t even related to her!