Heidi Bivens Wants Justin Theroux & Jennifer Aniston Out Of NYC

Heidi Bivens Wants Justin Theroux & Jennifer Aniston Out Of NYC

Justin Theroux’s former live-in girlfriend of fourteen years, Heidi Bivens, wants him and girlfriend Jennifer Aniston out of her city!

According to sources, Heidi “has stopped talking to Justin”. The snitch revealed, “She doesn’t want to know anything about him and Jen”, adding, “though she’d like a heads up on any marriage or baby news.”

As far as them hanging out in her city, with their lovey-dovey stuff, she wants them OUT! The insider said that Heidi “wishes they’d leave NYC already. It’s hard to move on, knowing they’re in the same city.”

Do you think that Heidi feels that she really can order them to just get out? Does she think she owns the place? Do you even think she said that stuff?

New York City is a huge place and it might be made worse by the fact that she sees their mugs whenever she goes grocery shopping on the tabloids, but it’s not like they live next door to each other there, right?


Photo Credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

  • destiny

    i dont think she said that, new york is not some small lil town, its a big state but if she actually said that which i doubt then she is nuts

  • Allien

    First of all Jen was raised in NY. Its her town as much as Heidi’s. Heidi is from Virginia tell her to go  back to Va. I dont think she would be that stupid to say that.

  • Anonymous

    That is the most stupid thing I ever heard. Tell Heidi to go back to Virginia. Thats where she is from. Jen was raised in New York.

  • adyj

    I don’t believe she said that, Heidi has been very classy while Jen and douchett has rubbed their cheating in Heidi’s face. Who ever lied on her is trying to draw Heidi out to talk.

  • Imeeq2000

    Stupied Heidi , why did she owns the NYC ?  leave them to be happy just accept that every mans heart there is one special…