Jennifer Aniston Is NOT The Hottest Woman Of All Time

Jennifer Aniston Is NOT The Hottest Woman Of All Time

Jennifer Aniston has been named the Hottest Woman of All Time by MensHealth but of course she is not even close to deserving that title.

Jennifer has had to settle for Justin Theroux – since the number 10 selection on the list, Angelina Jolie, stole her Ex-husband,  Brad Pitt so we know that Brad does not consider Jennifer all that hot. There is no way the typical man thinks that Jennifer is hotter than several of the other women on the list. I see women every day better looking that Jennifer – she is not even especially pretty. The poll must have been rigged for Jennifer to beat off competition that included Marilyn Monroe, Raquel Welch, Pamela Anderson, and Angelina Jolie.

Jennifer claims that Bridgitte Bardot and Gloria Steinem top her personal list. Like we care… .

She said: “It’s a tie between Bridgitte Bardot and Gloria Steinem. But if I had to choose one, I’d say Gloria because, well, she’s the full package. That’s sexy.”

MensHealth claims: “Funny is sexy, and Jennifer Aniston is funny. Her down-to-earth persona makes her seem attainable. And her all-too-human love life off screen inspires sympathy that not even a string of bland romantic comedies can diminish.  Other sex symbols drift toward one-dimensionality, becoming flat icons in the process, but throughout her career Aniston has remained sexy, funny, and unmistakably real.”

She said: “Sexiest thing about a man-other than abs-is if he can make me laugh, has compassion, kindness, and an accurately sized ego.”

How much did Jennifer have to fork over to MensHealth to get first place… and how much extra did she kick in to have Jolie placed 10th?


1. Jennifer Aniston

2. Raquel Welch

3. Marilyn Monroe

4. Britney Spears

5. Madonna

6. Ursula Andress

7. Bettie Page

8. Pamela Anderson

9. Jane Fonda

10. Angelina Jolie