Jennifer Aniston Protecting Justin Theroux From Angelina Jolie?

Jennifer Aniston Protecting Justin Theroux From Angelina Jolie?

Is Jennifer Aniston keeping Justin Theroux under wraps because she doesn’t want to lose another good man to the predations of Angelina Jolie?

Believe it or not several Hollywood gossip blogs are making this conjecture – about the extent of Jennifer’s fear and jealousy of Angelina – because the couple rarely come out in public.

So the question needs to be asked: Is Jen trying to keep Justin to herself so that Angelina doesn’t take him away?

In an increasingly rare glimpse Jennifer and Justin were caught leaving an office building in Los Angeles both looking laid-back and stylish as they got into Justin’s Audi.

The couple haven’t been seen much since they moved in together about a month ago. It seems like Jennifer Aniston is trying to keep her romance with Justin Theroux low profile.

Jennifer think that she deserves some happiness in her life, especially after being forced to see Angelina and Brad parade around the globe with their brood of kids. It must be painful for Jen.

Once bitten, twice shy says Jennifer to herself – ‘No way I’m losing Justin to Angelina… or anyone else’!

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