Kim Kardashian Disgusted – Kris Humphries Ripped Off By Wedding Guest

Kim Kardashian Disgusted - Kris Humphries Ripped Off By Wedding Guest

Kris Humphries has been ripped off for hundreds of thousands of dollars by one of his wedding guests, Andrey C. Hicks, and Kim Kardashian now realizes that Kris will never cut the mustard at Klub Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian hasn’t been happy with husband Kris – he just doesn’t seem to fit into the money-making and industrious Kardashian branding universe.  Kris prefers to hang with the likes of Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino and party – basically Kris seems to be an easy going and happy-go-lucky NBA player looking to have a good time. Well as TMZ has learned, not only is Kris NOT a tycoon but he appears to be a sucker and a dupe for recently busted con artist Andrey C. Hicks.

Kim Kardashian’s husband claims he was bilked out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by a guy he invited to his wedding – a guy who’s been arrested for allegedly running a $1.7 million investment scam.

Andrey C. Hicks was a guest at Kim and Kris Humphries televised wedding bonanza in August and sat right behind the happy couple during the rehearsal dinner.

But TMZ has learned … after the wedding, Kris learned Andrey was a target in a federal investigation in which he’s suspected of raising money for a purported billion dollar hedge fund … that didn’t really exist.

Officials believe Andrey lied to several investors — including Kris — telling them, among other things, that he was a Harvard graduate … when in fact, he was kicked out of the University after 3 semesters for crappy grades. Officials say Andrey only took 1 math class at Harvard … and got a D-.

Officials claim 27-year-old Hicks stole $1.7 million from various investors … and sources close to Kris tell us the NBA star accounted for hundreds of thousands of dollars himself.

Hicks was arrested in Canada on Friday and charged with wire fraud. Officials believe he was trying to flee to Switzerland. If convicted, Hicks could face up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

So while Kim brings in the bacon every which way imaginable, Kris fritters away a fortune trusting a complete fraudster. Kim must be asking herself why she married the dunce. Oh yes, we remember now – she looks petite standing next to him. Couldn’t she have just bought a pet elephant?

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  • Kmcduggar

    Why is she digusted??  She is a hard up bimbo who evidently is just like her sisters….just needs a richblack man…………….Rob is the only one of all those dumbasses that has any class.

  • observer

    I’ll bet his IQ is all of 55 or 60.

  • Malkiawooten

    I like kris. I believe he’s a cool guy. i hate kim she thinks she’s all that which she’s not. Her family is extremely superficial and not….NORMAL

  • G Lynn

    Kim the PORN star queen. She is just plain worthless!

  • Irishsapphire62

    i blame it on the kardasian’s. Not his fault that one he trusted ripped him off. Kim is a bimbo.

  • cdk1

    I am glad this happened. Who are they any way and he was not going to put up with their crap and the same with Reggie Bush

  • Tee

    who wants to be married to someoe who doesnt know how to have fun, only thinks about money and whooz looking at her. She’ll most likely never get married again. Guys really only want to sleep with the ding dong airhead.

  • Mvbath

    she’ll be fine .high stakes hookers are always working. Look at top german models and murdering dictators.

  • Suez

    This gal took off her clothes for Playboy and she is judging others??? She would have for any athlete closer to her age if they would have her; she had to go to the sandbox to find her husband. If he made a financial mistake it was his to make; her mistake is collecting husbands….

  • Suez

    This gal posed for Playboy and she is the barometer for measuring good behavior; his money his mistake; she collects husbands and he still married her. She should stop looking for husbands at the sandbox…

  • Neocentric

    This whole courtship and marriage was a ruse to bring ratings and keep Kim and her Kardashian clan in the spotlight. You have to spend money to make money and what a few thousand spent on a fake wedding with a public divorce to follow that could potentially, if marketed right, can bring in the millions. Im not shedding a tear for you Kim. You and your mom are too smart to fall for a guy like this without having something up your sleeves. Good luck on the drama and cant wait how you guys will act this out. I wonder how much you promised Humphries to participate

  • Chuckykiller08

    so if she’s not going to have to pay him back why dont she pay us back for the dumb dog and pony show of the year. and who are these ppl any ways and why do they get money like that to blow millions on a 5 minute wedding. ban these useless people .

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  • Ej_montana

    Kris Humphries will now be available  and perfect for the ABC’s The Bachelor!

  • Kate

    Why would anyone marry someone so self- absorbed?.  She is a beautiful waste of skin!

  • Garrincon

    Kim Kardashian With All her Money, She Buy sex, But She can Not Buy ‘Love’

  • john

    UPDATE: Divorced!!!


  • Anonymous

    Considering the fact that she ripped off everyone that gave her a gift, I can’t feel that bad for them.

  • Bobkatolson

    They should not got married in the first place. Kim jumped into this without thinking so, Kim made her bed now she has to lay in it.

  • Anonymous

    Fucking idiot.. I mean Kim that is.. stupid cunt.

  • Joe de Leon

    What?  Kim’s disgusted because she’s not the only one to scam Kris Humphries out of his money?  Kim and her ,Pimp , mother are disgusting!  Kim’s mother goes on National T.V. and calls Kris an” Indian Giver”  if he even thinks of asking for the $2 Million dollar ring be returned!  What a classless bunch of  W****s  those Kardashian sisters  have turned out to be! That them off the F*****g  air ASAP!

  • Wwtom2000

    The writer of this article must be a drop out themselves. What a piece of illiterate writing for an internet article. Oh, excuse me, that may be why it is such a POS article. 

  • Choc_coco

    Check out media takeout. She and reggie on lunch date and her behind on Reggie’s private. Nasty..just plain nasty.

  • worst nightmare

    I’m so tired of hearing about this broad, she just has a nice body and that’s it. Her only talent is how she slobs the nob and for real she wasn’t no Superhead with that in the Ray J video either. This family is nothing but a bunch of attention whores, and I’m still trying to figure out why lamar married the ugliest sister..WTF! was he thinking.  And so what Chris lost a little bit of money (to him) it was his to lose and in the long run he will be better off withought this broad anyway.

  • Anonymous

    dus is gout that karcrashians doont gettng into troblie
    dat gout.

  • Katy

    So, in other words he’s been scammed twice. Once by a wedding guest and once by his so-called “wife”. This guy needs to wise up.

  • Jackandjill

    Didn’t Kim make a sex viedo, then got paid 6Million or somehting.

  • Anonymous

    Where are your proofreaders???
    Headline should read…”Kim Kardashian Disgusting-
    Kris Humphries Ripped Off”!

    • Anonymous

      kiss kiss ….

  • jazzyshele

    I love the way Kim handle her self, her business and knows how important and how powerful her name along is. It’s sad that she wasted her time getting marred even thow we know its every women’s desire time and patients will pay off. Kim u r a very sexy woman just as all ur sister’s however please don’t follow in J Low’s pattern meet a man get marry and than Divorce the following year (expresses no self value… ) ur beautiful, sexy and smart with fun and Value ;) love watching ur show And ur mother she’s amazing and to see her love and value in her girls is a blessings love all ya ladies xoxoxoxo