Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Getting A Divorce?

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Getting A Divorce?

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries got married in front of hundreds of guests in Montecito, California on August 20, 2011, but rumor has it that things aren’t going as well as they planned for the newlywed couple.

Reportedly, public appearances are starting to interfere with their personal lives and happiness. They are constantly surrounded by the paparazzi, which is something that Kim obviously loves.

Kim’s pal, Jonathan Cheban, said, “It’s overwhelming. The first week, there were 200 people outside their hotel waiting for them every day. There are people camping out at two in the morning – not photographers, fans! It’s a lot for a guy from Minnesota.”

Another snitch close to Kim revealed that his dry and sarcastic sense of humor might not always be welcomed. That’s probably because Kim thinks she’s all classy and stuff now. In reality, she’s still someone who got famous by showing her hoohah on a videotape and got peed on, nothing more. But, I digress.

The pal added, “Kim’s trying to make Kris see that he isn’t always right and that he can’t just say everything that pops into his head. Not everyone gets his humor.”

I’m still a firm believer in my theory that their entire relationship was orchestrated by the Kardashians in order to milk E! for all of the money they could generate from the show. They could also use pregnancy, adoption, split and cheating rumors, along with their eventual “divorce” to generate magazine sales and drama, thus furthering their own celebrity statuses.

What do you think?

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12 responses to “Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Getting A Divorce?”

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  3. Cjv08 says:

    it was all for the money and NOTHING will happen until after the wedding shows on TV to ensure they get the money and so that KRIS can get her 10 %…..

    poor guy…….

  4. Anoymous says:

    Well..Kris is a train wreck himself…trust me…match made in heaven

  5. Redgagirl76 says:

    Kim can’t keep no man…that sad all that beauty and sexy body just a show?? It must be something wrong with her when the camera and paparazzi are not around,” just a show”

  6. dfhjkcscvhkbfd says:

    If these girls truly are genious for staying famous despite their lack of talent, so be it. It’s the people who idolize them that you have to wonder about….

  7. Noway78 says:

    She is nothing more than a money hungry, self centerd, whiny ass…he seems as though he is very immature…their wedding was done for the money that the kardashians will receive…he wasn’t involved nor his family in the entire four hour show….the show done nothing but make him look like a douche bag and her a painted up arrogant bitch that flashed the money around when truth be known all was probably borrowed.

  8. lala land girly says:

    wow, that was really fast but I knew it waz coming.
    You can tell if u watched the eps. he just played around to much and he wasen’t used to Kim’s life style.

  9. Miclance22 says:

    They are pathetic,pathetic,pathetic!!!!!!!!

  10. Victoria says:

    wow kim, that’s a shame

  11. Anonymous says:

    ‘This is so ridiculous’ as Kim always say in her show.. well, obviously Kim just used Kris. After that $20 million worth wedding then after 72 days here is the fairytale divorce. $20 million would’ve been more than enough to feed the hungry people in Africa. $2 million, Kim’s engagement ring price tag, would’ve been more than enough to help the displaced flood victims in the Philippines and numbers of couples in america can have a decent marriage from that money…. and where’s the sanctity of marriage?

  12. Georgegerlach092 says:

    Kris, kris, kris….tsk tsk. i know she looks KINDA cute, but the makeup and surgery are hiding a monster. Best thing to do? Run like hell, do NOT look back. DO NOT TAKE THE MONEY, run as though your life depended on it.