Kim Kardashian’s Pal Jonathan Cheban To Sue Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian's Pal Jonathan Cheban To Sue Kris Humphries

Jonathan Cheban was called gay and now Kim Kardashian‘s best friend is planning to sue Kris Humphries.  The ‘Spin Crowd’ star Jonathan Cheban seems to think that being called gay is grounds to go for the big bucks – $5 million – in fact he has sought legal advice about launching a libel or defamation action against Kris. Kris called Cheban “gay” during on ‘Kourtney & Kim Take New York.’ There is no way any court is going to find for Cheban over talk on reality TV.

A source told RadarOnline: “Jonathan was offended. He is not gay and Kris’ comments were derogatory, a slur against his character and given it’s being broadcast on a programme that airs internationally, it has the potential to cause serious damage to Jonathan’s reputation.”

It is believed Kris mocked Jonathan because he had never went for Kim sexually during their friendship, with the “fight” filmed for ‘Kourtney & Kim Take New York.’

The source added: “There is a huge fight in the episode, between Jonathan and Kris. Kris repeats the slur, over and over again, so much so that Jonathan stops talking to Kris at one point, during the series.”

“Kris uses some seriously ugly and homophobic language.  The bottom line is Jonathan is not gay. This just goes to show how ignorant and immature Kris was during his marriage to Kim.”

It has been claimed that Kris was considering suing Kim over the footage because he insisted it was a scripted scene and he was worried about the damage it would do to his reputation.

His father William Humphries said: “Little did Kris know that he was being set up. Kris got used – 100 percent used.”

Meanwhile we know who is laughing all the way to the bank… as usual it’s Kim.

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Image credit to Fame Pictures