Lauren Conrad Is The New Guest Blogger for

Lauren Conrad Is The New Guest Blogger for

Lauren Conrad has been in the spotlight since her teenage years. We’ve watched her grow up, fall in love and get betrayed, all while trying to succeed in the fashion industry. Now, Lauren is a clothing designer, a New York Times best seller, and an entrepreneur. Taking her popularity from Laguna Beach and The Hills, Lauren has created a successful business while still maintaining her “girl next door” reputation. Thanks to her success, the California native will be sharing her industry knowledge on as a guest blogger.

According to the announcement, “Lauren’s first post will talk about the struggles, processes and triumphs a young entrepreneur faces, something she knows firsthand. Following posts will run through September and include topics such as beauty/fashion tips for all seasons and occasions, what it takes to write a book, the process involved in developing a fashion line as well as tips to staying relevant and becoming successful in business.”

I’m really excited to be working with Forbes to give you a taste of my life as an entrepreneur,” said Conrad.

With such a large fan base, Lauren’s four month long contribution to will be a great way to inspire and motivate others to pursue their dreams. Will you be checking out her first post on June 23, 2011?

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    […] Sigh. Look. It’s not that I have a ton of respect for high-powered businessmen. I wouldn’t compare them to Hitler, but I would say that I tend to stereotype them as relatively narrow-minded, self-involved individuals that are more preoccupied with attaining moneymoneymoney than love, or beauty, or truth. I know, I know, I’m totally bigoted against businessmen. BUT, as ungenerous as my views might be, I do think that they’re mostly serious people when it comes to anything related to their moneymoneymoney, and that makes them less susceptible to non-gadget bright shiny things, and more invested in legitimate accomplishment and achievement. Which is why I’m totally baffled to learn that reality starlet Lauren Conrad has landed a column for Forbes. I know that she’s built up an empire thanks to her NY Times bestselling book and her line of clothing, but she could probably dispense some good advice based on her experience in a single article. Is she really such a top entrepreneur that she needs to dispense advice on a weekly basis? No, there’s no way that this is a feature targeting Forbes’ regular readers. More likely, the business publication is hoping to bring in new readers. Conrad’s business advice column would probably appeal to single, twenty-something professional women that have on-track careers but aren’t at the top of their field, a market segment that’s particularly attractive to advertisers. The more I think about it, the more I think that offering appealing, accessible business advice to young women is actually a good idea, even if it comes from Lauren Conrad. [CelebDirtyLaundry] […]