Lindsay Lohan Misses Her ‘Ellen’ Interview, On Track Though For Court Appearance

Lindsay Lohan Misses Her 'Ellen' Interview, On Track Though For Court Appearance

Lindsay Lohan, after experiencing some drama in Hawaii while on vacation, ended up missing her interview with Ellen DeGeneres, which was supposed to be taped on Tuesday. Apparently, due to some unforseen travel-related issue, LiLo missed her flight and wasn’t able to make it to the studio.

Now, I know what you’re all thinking: But, she’s going to miss her court date! She’s not; she’ll be back in plenty of time.

“Lindsay was delayed in Hawaii due to a travel-related issue,” Steve Honig, LiLo’s spokesperson, said. “She will be heading back this evening in time to appear in court tomorrow.”

Lindsay offered to reschedule with the Ellen Show, but the show was, unfortunately, unable to shift things around/work her into their schedule. Those interview spots with Ellen are a hot commodity! You can’t just be going around missing them and rescheduling them, crazy girl!

It’s sort of unfortunate that LiLo missed her taping with Ellen because it was going to be the only time when she promoted the release of her new Playboy interview/photoshoot. Perhaps she and her team will figure something else out to promote the magazine.

Regarding Lindsay’s legal issues, she should do fine in her next court appearance. She’s been staying on track while working at the morgue and if she continues to stay on this steady path, her probation will ultimately end on March 29th. But that is if she behaves herself. If she slips up again she could be forced to serve approximately 270 days behind bars.

“This is what we really call putting the keys to the jail in the defendant’s hands,” Sautner told Lohan.

LiLo’s future is in her hands. Let’s hope she makes all the right choices over the course of the coming months.

Image Credit to: Fame Pictures