Madonna Takes Her ToyBoy And A Bottle To Dinner

Madonna Takes Her ToyBoy And A Bottle To Dinner

Madonna has no shame – at least that’s my interpretation of her behavior. The 53-year-old Madonna was out to dinner Saturday night with her boyfriend/toyboy Brahim Zaibat – who is almost 30 years her junior and the ‘couple’ dined out at the Osteria Cotta on New York’s Upper West Side. Maddona apparently surprised fellow guests when she whipped out her own bottle of alcohol and two crystal glasses. Presumably Zaibat has his proof of age along with him… just in case he was carded.

An onlooker told the New York Post newspaper: “She brought her own red wine in a bag, along with two beautiful crystal glasses.”

“They poured the wine and immediately put the bottle back in the bag, so nobody could see what it was. At the end, they took the empty wine bottle and the glasses with them. We couldn’t figure out if Madonna prefers specific wine or is a total germaphobe.”

The couple ordered an arugula salad, pizza margherita, bruschetta and a side of roasted cauliflower.

When they finished, Zaibat picked up the bill and paid by credit card, and was ordered by Madonna to tip well.

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