122 responses to “Miley Cyrus Tweets Her Nipple In Another Racy Picture – Photo”

  1. Guest says:

    she in show bidness so she show her bidness

  2. daniel says:

    Ok truth be told, she wanted hannah montana, she started out with a squeaky clean image and it worked so well! Girls admired her and loved her for her wholesome disposition. She gave them someone to look up to and someone to be proud to be a fan of. Now that she for a lack of a better word “can’t be tamed” she is letting all her christian fans down. As for this pic its not that bad. She has a hard nip…. not that big of a deal, my problem with her is that she acts like she doesn’t care anymore what she does, how she does it, and who it may offend. She is in the public eye by choice and has a responsibilty to the fans who grew up watching her as hannah to stay true to them, not the fans who are waiting for her next wardrobe malfunction. I miss her and the way she was before, she had to grow up I get that….. these aren’t acts of maturity, they are acts of reckless stupidity. Never the less I pray god brings her back to her sences….

  3. Hawk56 says:

    What’s wrong with nipples. They’re fun to suck on. 

  4. Greg R. says:

    I say good for her. By God she has two nipples and wants to share them with the world. Who doesn’t love her for that?

  5. squeak says:

    Miley is trying to get the attention like Paris did. She might deny it but why else would someone tweet herself in a see thru shirt. Hey, why don’t you just do Playboy and get it over with.

  6. squeak says:

    Oh yeah, one more thing.  Miley is an unattractive young woman with a nasty nasal like voice so she is trying to be sexy. It is NOT working.

  7. PuRpLeElEpHaNt says:


  8. Happyongoing says:

    Have you thought that maybe she wasn’t aware of it? I did happen to post a picture that I was not aware that something was showing until someone told me later. No harm done, it’s just a normal picture that happens to have a little oops in it, that can happen to anyone. She is a human being, so let her be one. 

  9. Hope<3 says:

    shut up its a nipple leave the fuckin poor girl alone

  10. Jessie Ford says:

    Uhh, the shirt isn’t see through, it’s white..and it’s not like it’s “Showing the nipple” it’s showing the nipple bump, there is a very famous store catering to teenagers called Wet Seal, and their mannequins  have nipple bumps, I don’t see people freaking out over that, geez.

  11. Twade says:

    Umm, is it not possible that she was just taking a picture a didn’t realize her nipple would show through her top? Wow, talk about making a mountain out of a ‘nipple’.

  12. Mooredeb1990 says:

    THAT’S miley cyrus’ raciest photo?! this doesn’t even look like she is aware that her nip is hanging out! it looks like someone snapped a quick pictures with her and she didn’t realize her shirt had fallen down before the picture went viral. i feel bad for miley, i follow her on twitter and she honestly seems like a really cool person. people are so pathetic and need to stop ripping on her so much. get a life…

  13. Twifanficluvr says:

    If she had a bra on, ppl would say oh, I see her bra strap or the out line of her bra and/or breasts & plus still see her nipples, bc guess what geniuses bras still show nipples & if ur a woman u know what I mean, they are hard 2 hide sometimes no matter what u were & if u were a bra or not. Since ppl think women should hide their nipples maybe we should put tape on them or hell maybe we should just tape our boobs  down all 2gether, since we aren’t aloud 2 have them or have them shown all 2gether. LMAO!

  14. Anonymouse says:

    OHEMGEE! She wore a shirt that showed her NIPPLE? Something every mammal on the planet has 2 or more of? FOR SHAME!

    Get over it.

  15. Kristin says:

    I hope you people realize that your teenage daughters probably take worse photos everyday and post them on the Internet. Stop worrying about this kid and worry about your own!

  16. so she’s not wearing a bra…so what..not like you could SEE the ACTUAL nipple..good grief people who cares

  17. Guest says:

    “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way”… Jessica Rabbit

  18. Jtabitha94 says:

    I am sure when all of you were young and just 18 you did something crazy it might not have been nudity drugs or drinking but there was something you did to rebel toward your parents and socitey as a whole so why say nasty stuff about some one eles when you yourself’s have done something like this at that age……

  19. rational999 says:

    sure are a lot of jealous crabby posters on this site.  Mily looks like a beautiful young vibrant woman, mind your own business (and check your daughters twitter/fb feed for much, much worse, hahahaha.)

  20. guest says:

    we can only hope

  21. Billy Ray Cyrus says:

    Gawd, what a whore!

  22. whteverrr says:

    I think it could happen to anyone, I know its happened to me, the only people who even care about it are stupid and shallow and jealous.

  23. this is stupid. how is this racy at all? OMG HER NIPPLE?! Dude, men have nipples, cats have nipples, babies use them to feed from. SO FRICKIN WHAT! Stop harassing and shaming this girl.

  24. me me says:

    The more disturbing part of this article is the grammar…

  25. Nothing more than typical breeding behavior, she’s letting the world know that she has the equipment and knows how to use it.


  27. who cares? she’s still a tomboy dog.

  28. this picture is retarded. That shirt is NOT even close to being far enough down to show anything.

  29. In any case y’all, she didn’t mean to post her nipple like that. She took a picture with her Mom. Its not a see through top. If you think thats see through, you’ve never been to South Florida. It wasn’t an intentional risque picture. I’m pretty sure she didn’t think anything of it, because who looks and double checks for pokey nips? It was cold in room, deal with it. I’ma grown woman and I can tell you that bras down always hide that. If you’re cold enough, unless you wear padded bras to boost your size, its gonna show. Period. So, if it bothers you, don’t look and stop being a perve.

  30. srive says:


  31. to all you people that are defending miley and the other young hollywood crowd, who act like idiots and dress like sluts or fags, you have to realize that a lot of us older people still remember when the hollywood crowd was a classy bunch. sure there were some times when something would happen by one of the stars that was unusual. like being in a care wreck or posing for a calender or magazine. but these were few and far between. now its everyday and the incidents are usually something that is not normal and we are told to just accept it because they are stars and somehow granted immunity from critisism. take a good look at most of the young stars now, you know the ones that made more than one movie. dead from drugs, breaking the law and getting away with it constantly, male and females checking themselves into a rehab when they are in trouble and all is forgiven. the younger generation and im including all, not just the hollywood crowd have no class at all. it used to be when you got married, your wife might have had two men before you. now the young ladies go through three or four a week. that is one of the reasons the country is doomed. loss of all morals

  32. she’s worth millions with nice tits. what’s your bank account and tits look like. shut the hell up.

  33. Angi says:

    Where’s the picture?