MTV To Air Ryan Dunn Tribute Tonight – Watch Preview Here!

MTV To Air Ryan Dunn Tribute Tonight - Watch Preview Here!

Friends, family, and fans are still morning the loss of Jackass member Ryan Dunn.  It’s still hard to believe that Dunn lost his life in June after a fatal car crash that not only ended his life, but that of his friend Zachary Hartwell.

Ryan will be honored this evening by MTV in a one-hour special at 10:30 pm ET/PT.  The special will follow his early years and document his life, leading up to his success with Jackass, and ending with his untimely death.  His long time friend and fellow prankster Johnny Knoxville had this to say:

“It’s a surreal thing to undertake, doing a tribute to our brother Ryan’s life. I still can’t believe he’s gone but we wouldn’t trust anyone else with this, so we are doing the best we can for Ryan, his family, friends, and everyone who loved him”

As much as I adored Ryan and his amazing personality, in researching for this article it took me longer than expected to find out even the name of his friend who died alongside him.  That was pretty disconcerting, and I sincerely hope that during the special there will be some sort of recognition for Zachary Hartwell.  It’s tragic for both families involved, but it must be difficult for Hartwell’s family to have their son’s life and death foreshadowed by Ryan’s fame. I’m not saying it’s done on purpose or it’s anyone’s fault, it just is what it is and I hope that MTV recognizes both boys who died all too soon.

Check out the trailer above for a preview of what to expect.  Get your Kleenex box ready.

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Image credit to WENN