Nude Statue Of Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Unveiled (Photo)

Nude Statue Of Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Unveiled (Photo)

Teen singer Justin Bieber and his Disney star girlfriend Selena Gomez have become the young “it” couple on the scene. So now, someone has commemorated their union by creating a statue of the young duo — in the nude!

GROSS, right?!??

From the source:

US artist Daniel Edwards has unveiled this nude portrait of pop stars Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez. It depicts the teenagers almost entirely nude, with a Canadian maple leaf and a Texas lone star covering up most of the intimate parts.

The piece, titled “Justin and Selena as One” captures them conjoined at the torso and will be unveiled at later [date] in Dallas.

This is just all kinds of wrong, don’t you think? Sure, their goody parts are covered, but Justin is still a minor. What’s next? Porn spoofs of their union? Ewww, I can’t even fathom the grossness involved in the artist’s creative process.

Is this something that you would want to see? We’re seriously grossed out by this, there are no words. Someone needs to call Chris Hansen so he can tell the artist to “have a seat right there.”


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