One Of Charlie Sheen’s Prostitutes Hid His Cocaine From Paramedics

One Of Charlie Sheen's Prostitutes Hid His Cocaine From Paramedics

A madam, who calls herself ‘Felony,’ ordered the prostitute she supplied to Charlie Sheen during his latest drug bender has revealed she ordered the woman to hide the actor’s cocaine from paramedics.  Felony admitted she told the high-priced whore to put Sheen’s drugs in a drawer to protect their high-profile customer.

“I told her… if you could do Charlie a favor because if anyone does have to go into the house, I don’t want that sense of him being a drug addict,” said Felony, who revealed her porn ring has supplied women to Party Hardy Charlie (PHC) for the past four years.  Felony continued “I was just, like, put in a drawer and put it away so when the police or the paramedics, or whoever is coming, you know doesn’t see that.”  “She was like, ‘OK!’ so she put the stuff away and she left.”

Felony recalled the pro’s eyewitness account, suggesting the 45-year-old PHC was hunched over in his bathroom and struggling to breathe, leading the panicked crowd at the fun house to finally call 911 – after the coke was stashed.
“All of a sudden they were in the bathroom and doing a whole bunch of blow and all of a sudden he crawls over and grabs his stomach and everything,” Felony said.
“I was afraid Charlie was going to die and something bad was going to happen to him,” said ‘Felony’, who said the concerned escort called her before authorities were alerted. “She was getting really scared – some of the girls were saying, ‘Gosh, should we call 911. Oh my god, we can’t call 911 with the drugs. What are we going to do?'”  “Charlie starts to go, like, holding his breath, in a sense… you know how your face turns red when it looks like you’re holding your breath, but he wasn’t holding his breath.”  “They were like, let’s call the paramedics. They were like, ‘No, no, no. Charlie do you have a doctor? Let’s call your doctor’.”
With clowns like this for companions its a wonder Party Hardy Charlie made it out of there alive.  Felony has appeared in Hustler’s Barely Legal series and said she met Charlie four years ago at a party at his home, while he was still married with ex-wife and the mother of two of his children, Brooke Mueller.

“Over the years that I have known Charlie, I have been able to provide him pretty much any type of girl,” Felony said.

Concluding with the whole point of her relationship with PHC  Felony honestly admitted “Charlie and I have a very good relationship and agreement – He takes very well care of me.”
Obviously PHC does not take good ENOUGH care of Felony – or else she would shut her big mouth.

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