People Magazine: Casey Anthony Hiding Out in Fear

People Magazine: Casey Anthony Hiding Out in Fear

The October 3rd, 2011 issue of People Magazine features murder mom Casey Anthony with the cover story “Casey Anthony: Her Life In Hiding”.    The magazine claims they have a source that reveals that since Casey is one of the most if not the most hated women in America she may have to leave the country and is taking language lessons to prepare for her possible departure.

Casey who is now living in Florida will finish her probation next year and apparently is afraid for her safety.   Many people are outraged by her ‘not guilty’ verdict and Casey fears for her life.  She has been receiving hate mail and the magazine suggests even her parents are estranged from her.

People Magazine has more: “Anthony, who was acquitted of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, has received dozens of angry letters, including a stack of greeting cards on Aug. 9, which would have been Caylee’s 6th birthday.   “She would love to go out to meet friends and do public things,” says the source, “but she knows she can’t.”

Anthony is now seeing a grief counselor and a psychiatrist and has “started to learn and recognize her lies and what they did to people,” says a source. “She has a lot of regrets.”

Boo hoo she has a lot of regrets, all those regrets won’t bring poor Caylee back.  This women makes me ill, she deserves to be despised and alone.  What do you think?  Do you feel sorry for Casey?

If you must find out more pick up the current issue of People Magazine!

16 responses to “People Magazine: Casey Anthony Hiding Out in Fear”

  1. Sheridee Rodgers says:

    I feel the same way as many others…that Casey Anthony should be in prison for murdering her child. Hog wash with the laws of this country! Look what our laws did to Caylee. No wonder we have so much crime in this country. People get away with MURDER!

  2. Mcac194 says:

    I do feel bad and Casey Anthony and her family. I wouln’t want to be in that women’s shoes. No one knows exactly what happened to poor Cayley. I think its so easy for everyone to point a finger, just remember when you’re pointing that finger 4 is pointing back at you

    • Tm1_retired says:

      BTW your GRAMMER shows your IQ.

    • edwin says:

      cant you people leave this go.

      • REALLLLLLY???? says:

        it is let this go and the answer is hell no!!!!!  Murder is not and should neve be ok with Americans!!!!!

      • REALLLLLLY???? says:

        it is let this go and the answer is hell no!!!!!  Murder is not and should neve be ok with Americans!!!!!

    • Puter11239 says:

      Feel bad!! Give me a break! Here is what we do know for sure! She lied to her parents all her life, stealing hundreds of checks from mom! Family all walked on eggshells around her, she was last one to leave with baby but never came back, partied in clubs before & after her daughter died! Who watched her? Not the parents, she lied to them, didn’t want them to know she wasn’t working & had no nanny, instead, hanging around tattoo parlor! Sleeping over different boyfriends houses w/baby in same bed! Baby was starting to put words together and would have told grammma the life she was living, her mom was about to take custody of the baby! She used the baby to have power over the mom! Those are all facts! Oh, and she never told her mom about any abuse when parents split and didn’t want dad back because she cou;ldn’t snowball him! Also drowning never came up, detectives tried to get that from her! She stuck to her story! if accident, would have broken down and confessed! No emotion at all, loved hearing herself talk to police! Loved playing the game with them, that she could win! So feel bad NO WAY! She brought it all on herself. Selfish coldhearted, sociopath! Even mom cindy, made it to easy for her to get away with it! Guilty as sin! Drowning came up after cellmate told how her daughter drowned and the grandfather found her! Hmm.. typically Casey, take a part of someones story and incorporate it into her elaborate lies! No JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE! Even letter that surfaced from a friend, she wrote thought she was pregnant again and too many people want to adopt and baby deserves to be loved! Proof of how she felt about her own baby! She should have gotten the death penalty or at least life w/no parole!

    • REALLLLLLY???? says:

      shut up

    • REALLLLLLY???? says:

      shut up

  3. Diducme2 says:

    I bet you 10 to 1 she is taking French lessons. She would blend in well there. Spanish lessons she wouldn’t blend in and could be recognized but French she could easily hide away. Bonjour bi&$c!

  4. Hicountrylass says:

    Feel sorry for her…NO! Worked in the mental health field for years and say she meets the description of a narcistic sociopath. She put on a good show and should have gottten an academy award for acting. She never felt a real emotion EXCEPT when her defense was talking poor abused, misunderstood Casey. The entire defense was bait and switch….similar to the OJ trial. Same sort of  focus on someone else…with OJ it was the race card, with Casey is was she was sexually abused as a child. Take the focus off the guilty and make a jury feel sorry for the guitly.Makes me sick.

  5. Mike says:


  6. Saira Variel Monica says:

    If I were her, I would be too scared to even leave my own home and talk to anyone, even look at a bird for fear someone might actually see me. There is no sensible reason that drove Casey Anthony to commit this horrid crime and while, she enjoyed the fame she was getting from the media circulating her crimes – she will not be enjoying her newfound freedom unless, she undergoes serious plastic surgery so that no one realize who she is. She will get what she deserves- Karma is a bitch – but what she is going to get back will be a whole lot worse.

  7. REALLLLLLY???? says:

    Tell her she is hated worldwide-not just in the US….also tell her that pleases Americans that she will flee to another country where hopefully they aren’t civilized and she will get her dues….fuck you Casey!!!

  8. Kym says:

    whoever said  they feel sorry for her ur STUPID she f—–g killed caylee  all the lies she told proved it  there is no justice!  they say there wasnt enough evidence whatever the jury is stupidand im pissed at them too.  casey should be in prision for life!   but i guess she still kinda of is her life wil never be the same!  bitch     o and i beleave in karma so she will get hers