People Magazine: Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Album

People Magazine: Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Album

The September 5th issue of People Magazine is all about Kim Kardashian and her wedding.  As far as I am concerned the lavish wedding was all about money, how much Kim could make and how much she would not have to pay.  From the paid Bachelor Parties, to the rumored paid engagement ring, to the sold wedding pics and wedding footage sold it was all about the money.  What happened to love?

People magazine bought the honor of having the exclusive photos and all the details of the wedding.  Rumor has it they paid a whopping $1.5 million for the honor.   According to people the wedding more than exceeded Kim and Kris Humphries expectations.  Kim said: “It was like we were in heaven,” adds Kris “I’m going to remember how perfect it was.”

People has more detailsAccording to wedding planner Sharon Sacks, the couple mixed tradition with over-the-top glamour at their Aug. 20 ceremony at a private Montecito, Calif., estate.   “Kim loves black and white and so does Kris,” says Sacks. “They have this Hollywood royalty feeling and the black and white represented formality. But tradition was very important to them.”

Wearing a custom-designed Vera Wang ball gown, Kardashian, 30, says she “felt like a princess.”   But, she adds, “Glam aside, that wasn’t our main goal. It was really about our family and each other.”

If you are like me you have totally had enough of Kardashian wedding info to last you a lifetime.  Wonder how long the marriage will last.  I am guessing it will not long before we will hear this couple splitting.  What about you was this about true love or a business proposition?  Are you all KarTRASHianed out?

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