5 responses to “Rihanna Accused Of Giving Drake & Eminem Oral Sex?”

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  2. Eminem lover123 says:

    Ok first of all people make any dump up about celebrities just to get attention or money! So I bet this is just another stupid rumor.and people need to get over it!

  3. […] Rihanna Accused Of Giving Drake & Eminem Oral Sex?  Celeb Dirty Laundry […]

  4. Gabbybaby2011 says:

    blessss herr! shess lovleyy and shes well funny i love her so much im her biggest fan! Im seeing her in 3 monthss for the THIRD time :) xxxx

  5. Imhungryn0w says:

    Meanwhile Rihanna unveiled her new X-rated video out called S&M.
    no offence but that was pg go check out rammstiens pussy video and tell me the difference-