Shannon Rose Official Hollywood Reporter of The Mancow Experience


Celebrity Dirty Laundry Hollywood Reporter Shannon Rose has become the official Hollywood Reporter by one of the top Nationally Syndicated radio shows in America, “The Mancow Experience”.

With his “Rose Report” featured on Mancow, Rose is able to reach millions of people around the nation, in addition to the hundreds of stations that already air “The Rose Report

Each week Rose provides inside news about today’s A List Celebrities and all the hot news about blockbuster movies and your favorite hit television shows.  In addition to having his segment heard on hundreds of radio stations nationwide, Rose is expanding his Hollywood Reporting to a whole new level.  Rose is currently in talks to have a full Hollywood News Radio and TV Show.

The show will talk about everything Hollywood and entertainment, if it’s fun and interesting it will be on Rose’s show.  The fine details are being discussed and Rose is eager to talk with anyone that’s interested in making this show successful.

Find out more about “The Rose Report” by visting the official website

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