Sneaky Paula Abdul Suggested Nicole Scherzinger Vote Off Rachel Crow (Video)

Sneaky Paula Abdul Suggested Nicole Scherzinger Vote Off Rachel Crow (Video)

When spoiled brat Rachel Crow got the boot off The X Factor USA last week Nicole Scherzinger got all teary and pretended that she was broken-hearted over losing the Crow. But now audio enhancement of the video of the show proves that Nicole was instructed to screw Crow by Paula Abdul! The two snakes conspired to dump the shocked teen when Paula whispered to Nicole “just let it go to a deadlock” knowing that would eliminate Crow. Imagine what the reaction of hardcore Crow fans will be towards Paula and Nicole now.

TMZ did the research:  “X-Factor” judge Paula Abdul secretly instructed Nicole Scherzinger to vote off Rachel Crow last week … just moments before the earth-shattering elimination — and we have proof.  Paula’s mic was down when Nicole was making her decision — but with a little volume tinkering … you can clearly hear Paula whisper to Nicole, “Just let it go to a deadlock.”

Nicole did just that … a decision that sent Rachel Crow packing — and resulted in a torrent of death threats from angry fans everywhere.  Everyone’s blaming Nicole, but the audio raises the question — is Nicole really at fault for sending Rachel home?

In any case, Crow’s pathetic display of self-entitled rage after getting eliminated was enough to turn me into a Crow hater for life. Good job Paula – good job Nicole!

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