Survivor: South Pacific Season 23 Episode 15 Finale Live Recap 12/18/11

Survivor: South Pacific Season 23 Episode 15 Finale Live Recap 12/18/11

Tonight is the season finale of the 23 season of Survivor: South Pacific.  Stay tuned as we cover the official recap of show with up-to-the-minute details.  There are four players remaining in the Te Tuna tribe and two on Redemption Island.  Coach, Rick, Sophie and Albert will watch Ozzy and Brandon battle it out on Redemption Island tonight.

On last week’s episode Brandon made what I would say was the stupidest move in Survivor history by giving his immunity necklace to Albert and subsequently getting voted off.  I really wanted to slap the stupid out of Brandon last week.  If you missed last week’s episode you can read our official recap here!

Episode Synopsis: Using every last bit of physical and mental strength, the castaways battle it out in the final immunity challenge to secure their spot at the final tribal council, and jury members get their moment to confront the final three. Find out who will outplay, outwit and outlast the others, on the two-hour season finale, followed by a one-hour live reunion show of SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC, hosted by Jeff Probst, Sunday, Dec. 18 (8:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

So who will win tonight at this point is anyone’s guess.  This season has been filled with predictable results, shocking moments and lots of game play.   Even if Brandon beats Ozzy on Redemption Island  I doubt a jury would vote for him after the dumb move he made last week.  I cannot see any jury voting for Rick because he has not done much this season except slide by.  After Albert convinced Brandon to give him his immunity necklace I don’t see the jury voting for him either, he showed his true colors.  Coach I just cannot see anyone buying his act.  So it is down to Ozzy and Sophie.  My favorite is of course Ozzy, but because he has spent most of the season on Redemption Island I am not sure how the jury will view that.  So I am going to pick Sophie as the winner tonight.  She is smart and she has managed to make it to the final with the men…  Who do you think will win?  Sound out in the comments below

Tonight’s recap: Jeff tells the contestants that the final contestants will watch Ozzy and Brandon’s final challenge and then the person who wins will be back in the game to battle it out with the other to claim the $1 million prize.  The beginning of the show recaps what happened last week i.e. Brandon’s dumb move.

Brandon gets to Redemption Island and he tells Ozzy he got blindsided and stabbed in the back by his closest friend.  Brandon tells Ozzy he got immunity and he gave it up to Albert.  Ozzy feels like he was not blindsided he gave it up.  Ozzy thinks he is trying to play a loyal game and he does not realize he is playing with greedy people who want money.

Sophie thinks Tribal Council was great because Brandon made a stupid move and Albert looked greedy by not giving the necklace back to Brandon.  Coach is pissed because Albert is a snake because he new Brandon was going home and he should have been honest and not lied.  Coach is pissed at Albert and lets him know in no uncertain terms.

Ozzy goes to mail and they get tree mail that the final Redemption Island duel is coming up.  Ozzy says he has been preparing this since the beginning.   Ozzy is excited to get back into the game, he is confident he is winning the challenge.

Redemption Island:  Whoever wins today’s duel goes back into the game.  Ozzy and Brandon have to  hold onto a pole for as long as they can.  The last person holding on to the pole wins and gets back into the game.  The remaining members of the tribe are encouraging Brandon.  Brandon seems to be having an easier time.  I fear Ozzy may not win this one, it seems to be more difficult for him than for Ozzy.  The team really wants Brandon to win and not Ozzy.  They do not want to face Ozzy.  Brandon falls all of a sudden and Ozzy wins and is back in the games.  Brandon leaves the game holding his head up high!

Jeff tells the five of them to go back to camp and wait for the next immunity challenge.  Sophie is worried because Ozzy is hard to beat in challenges.

The team congratulates Ozzy for getting back into the game.  Coach takes Ozzy aside and tells him if he wins immunity he may give him his immunity idol.  Ozzy does not buy it, he does not believe that Coach will do it.  Coach tells Ozzy that he deserves to be in the game.  Albert comes to Coach and tells him if they win immunity they have to get rid of Ozzy.  Coach is trying to decide what to do because he feels it is his game to lose.

Immunity Challenge:  Immunity is back up for grabs.  They need to balance a balancing board and build a house of cards on one end of the balancing board.  First person to build the  house of cards high enough wins immunity.  Albert and Rick are going nowhere.   Ozzy, Coach and Sophie are doing the best.  Coach drops his and has to start over again.  Ozzy drops his stack.  Sophie drops 1/2 her stack.  Sophie is trying to get Albert to drop his stack and help her.  She keeps yelling at Albert to drop his stack and help her.  Jeff tells her no way, it is an individual challenge, she is not happy.  Sophie wanted to beat Ozzy and thought with Albert helping her they could beat him.  Ozzy and Coach are close to finishing.  Albert loses his stack.  Ozzy wins immunity!!!!

Sophie looks so pissed off, I guess she thinks she is going to be eliminated.  They are back at the camp and Ozzy is telling the rest of the tribe how he won immunity.  Ozzy is trying to pit all the remaining tribe members against each other.  Coach is saying tonight is difficult but he is thinking Rick should go home.   Initially he thought Albert should go home, but now he is thinking Rick is a bigger risk.  Ozzy tells Albert he would rather that he stay but he would really like to see Sophie go home.  Albert thinks that Sophie would be a good idea because she is going to be a huge threat and hard to beat at the end.

Rick comes up to Coach and says he has a bad feeling he is going.   Coach tells Rick that Sophie is trying to throw him under the buzz.  Rick wants to vote Sophie off and Coach agrees.

Albert talks to Ozzy and tells him he thinks Rick should go next.  Ozzy tells him that is a big mistake.  He tells Albert that Coach promised to take him to the end.  Albert is shocked and he asks Coach who denies it.  Albert is not sure what to do.

Tribal Council: The members of the jury are brought in.  Jeff asks Ozzy about the challenge and Ozzy says he knows he would be voted off if he did not win immunity.  Coach has his immunity challenge around his neck so he is playing it since it is the last night that he can.  Sophie says she is a threat to beat Ozzy.  Rick says he is the best person to stay because he cannot beat anyone in the immunity challenge.  Sophie says she wanted Ozzy to leave and so now she wants Rick to leave.

Ozzy airs out that Coach approached him and told him he wanted to take him to the final three.  Sophie tells Ozzy she wants him to leave because he disrespects her.  Ozzy denies it and says he just judges her on what he sees.  Ozzy tells her she acts like a spoiled brat.  Sophie says Ozzy attacks her character and then she starts to cry that she is hurt (could be a good strategic move).  Jeff tells her it is 37 days and it is brutal.  She just keeps crying and it looks like the jury members are falling for it.    After her performance if they keep her they are nuts.  The jury really feels sorry for her.

Votes: Rick, Sophie, Rick, Sophie, Rick (second dumbest move in Survivor history) some of the jury members were crying with Sophie……

Rick is pissed and says he should never have trusted Coach and his vote on the jury goes to Ozzy!!! He is assuming Ozzy wins the next immunity challenge.  Crossing my fingers!!

They head back to camp and wait for the next immunity idol.

Ozzy is excited he has made it to the final four.  He did not come her to lose.  He is trying to fuel his body to get ready for the challenge.  Coach approaches Ozzy and tells him he is pissed at him because he blabbed at Tribal Council about what he said to him.  He feels Ozzy has stabbed him in the back.  Ozzy tells him he has been stabbed in the back so many times he does not trust anyone.  Coach says when he heard Ozzy say that it broke his heart.   Coach asks Ozzy who he wants to go home Sophie and Ozzy says no he would rather see a tie between Sophie and Albert.

Immunity Challenge:  For the last time immunity is back up for grabs.  For the final immunity challenge they will race through an obstacle course get puzzle pieces and make a puzzle.  The first person who finishes the puzzle wins immunity and is in the final three.  Ozzy is the first to get back with his fifth and final bag.  He has a huge lead.  Coach is right behind him.   Ozzy does not even have his first piece in.   The puzzle is the most difficult of the season.  Sophie is almost finish the puzzle.  Ozzy is right behind her.  Sophie wins the final immunity.  Ozzy comment,  so close, but so far, once again!   Sophie is now in the final three.

They are headed to the final tribal council and Coach, Albert or Ozzy could be eliminated.   Ozzy is disappointed that he lost the immunity challenge.   The three remaining Coach, Albert and Sophie are laughing because Ozzy is a bad guy now.  Coach asks Ozzy how he is feeling.  Ozzy tells Coach that he knows what he should do.   Coach tells Ozzy he gave his word and he does not know what to do, he feels Ozzy has betrayed him.  Ozzy tells him the real test is to let him and Albert tie.  Ozzy tells Coach that he always said he wanted the best warriors to go to the end.   He tries to convince Coach to make the vote a ties and then Ozzy and Albert go up against each other.

I don’t really think Coach is going to do it and if he does not, he might as well just give the game to Sophie right now!

Tribal Council:  Sophie is happy to have immunity.  Ozzy says if Coach is a man of his word he knows what he should do.   Coach says the game is hard because he has always said  he wants to take the strongest person in the game with him.  Coach says he has a dilemma.  Albert does not want their to be a tie.  They go to vote.

Votes: Ozzy, Albert, Ozzy, Ozzy – Ozzy is the ninth member of the jury!  Ozzy leaves the game with class and thanks everyone.

The next step is the remaining three Albert, Coach and Sophie will have plead their case as to why they should win the $1, 000,000.

The remaining three come back to the camp and are glad it is an Ozzy free camp.  I dislike all three of them and don’t think I want any of them to win.   The three wake up in the morning and have a feast.   Sophie and Coach talk about what they are going to do at the jury.

Albert comes and asks Sophie if they should throw Coach under the bus and she tells him she really does not want to but if it looks like Coach is doing well she will do it.

Coach sees himself winning and being the ultimate victor in the game.  He goes on with some bullcrap about the phoenix rising from the ashes yada yada yada….

The three go to plead their case.  Tonight the power of the game shifts from them to the jury.  They will decided who is deserving for the title of sole survivor.

The three get to make an opening statement.

Albert is up first and he tells them he feels that Survivor is about the social and he feels he played it well and he played it social not like chess.

Sophie is next and says she feels she played the outwit, the outplayed and she was good at the social game.  She says she was herself and she was as honest as possible.

Coach he says he cannot believe he is here, he says the game is designed for someone like Ozzy and he says he tried to do something different this game he played and led with compassion, love and honor.  He says he is blessed because he got something from someone.

Now the jury will ask question of the remaining three.

Ozzy starts and tells him he has good news and bad news for them, the game is not decided.  He tells them that no one wants to let any of them win.  He tells Sophie he still thinks he is a spoiled, privilaged brat, but she can change.  He tells Albert he is just lucky he is there.  He tells Coach that the game is his to win but he has to tell the truth.

Coach tells him that he played most of the game with honor but not all.

Rick tells Albert he wants to know why Coach and Sophie should not win.

Albert tells him that Coach was not the leader that they carried him to the final.  He says Sophie did not play a social game.

Dawn asks Sophie why she made the alliance with Coach and Albert.

Sophie says because she saw that men always made it to the end.  She does not really answer the question.

Rick says to Coach he said he would play with honor and how can he look him in the eye.  He tells Sophie that she is a liar.

Coach apologizes, Albert tries to comment, Rick won’t let him.  Sophie says she only lied when she had to.

Brandon’s up.  Mr Coach at the beginning of this game you said as a man of God you would never vote me out, what do you have to say about it.

Coach says you were not meant to go you should have been here.  Albert makes excuses and says that he was brought back closer to  God.  Brandon asks if he knows he was going home.  Albert tries to wiggle out of it.  Albert lies and says he did not know.

Whitney – she tells Albert he is sleazy, she tells Coach that he uses Christianity to scare the tribe.  She tells Sophie she is the most condescending person of the tribe and she cannot see writing her name down to win.

Sophie tries to defend herself.

Edna tells them that they were manipulated by religion but that is what they signed up for and she congratulates them.

Keith – his question is to Coach he asks if he was going to use the idol for an individual idol or a team idol.

Before Coach can speak up, Sophie tries to throw him under the bus and tells everyone that the way they think Coach and Upolu got the immunity Idol is not the real way it happened.  She tells them that Coach made up a big lie.  Yikes she did tell Albert if she thought Coach was doing better than her she would attack.

Cochran – he tells Coach he really admired him and he felt he tricked him.   He tells Coach he played a good game.  But, he does not like how Coach plays the honor card many times, but he was not honorable.

Coach apologizes and admits he stabbed so many people in the back.  He says he has proven many times he is no a strategist.  He says he came into the game wanting to play one way and failed.

That is it, now the jury who will decided who gets the $1,000,000.

They reveal some of the votes

Cochran votes for Coach

Dawn for Sophie

Jeff goes to get the votes for the last time.  The are headed back to Los Angeles for the reading of the votes.

Votes: Coach, Sophie, Coach, Sophie, Coach, Sophie, Sophie, Sophie

The winner of Survivor South Pacific – Sophie Clarke  I called it!!!!

We will be live blogging the episode with up-to-the-minute results of all the happenings and of course who will be the ultimate survivor.  So come back to this spot at 8PM for the recap of this not to be missed episode!!!