Taylor Swift Topless Photo Leaked, But It is NOT Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Topless Photo Leaked, But It is NOT Taylor Swift

News must be slow today, because claims of a topless Taylor Swift photo are ridiculous.  Some bottom scarping websites are reporting that a nude photo of Taylor Swift has emerged.   These websites are clearly desperate for traffic.   I went to Celebrity Jihad that has the picture and you have to be blind if you think it is Taylor Swift.   Taylor has called in her big guns and she is getting her lawyers to go after the website who wrongly identified a woman posing topless as the country superstar.

Taylor was horrified to hear that the website was claiming she was the women featured in a naked snap, which they had uploaded under the headline, “Taylor Swift Topless Private Pic Leaked?”   I hope she not only sues Jihad but she sues the other pathetic sites that suggest it could be true and even provide a link to the fake pictures.

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Her legal representatives have now fired off an angry letter to the site owners, alleging the blog features “false pornographic images and false news” about the singer.

They’re demanding the website bosses take the post down, and have threatened to sue for trademark infringement if they refuse, according to Tmz.com.

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Image credit to  Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

4 responses to “Taylor Swift Topless Photo Leaked, But It is NOT Taylor Swift”

  1. Cdubatx says:

    Can I call my lawyer and sue her for wrongly identifying herself  as “country” superstar.

  2. I saw the photo and the giveaway for me was the Chicago Bulls picture hanging in the background.  That and the fact that the room looks NOTHING like hers.

  3. 305 says:

    And so here’s my question:
    There are 1000s of nude fakes of TS online.
    Why sue over ** this ** one?

    Molly: if you saw the photo, then you know that she didnt take it…some guy did. And maybe, just maybe …it’s the guy’s room and he’s the Bulls’ fan?

    And come on….you cant pretend to know her.
    This is someone who dates men twice her age.
    Ya think they’re just…..holding hands?

    Again…all those fakes…..why sue over this one?

    • Dawsyn says:

      Actually I’m under no impression that Taylor Swift doesn’t kiss her boyfriends, however she has said she is still a virgin, and there is no prove that says otherwise. And I would also like to say the oldest man she’s dated was 34 and she is 22, last time I checked he wasn’t twice her age.