Teen Mom Amber Portwood Finds Love With Tattoo Artist

Teen Mom Amber Portwood Finds Love With Tattoo Artist

Amber Portwood is dating budding tattoo artist Adam Dockery in her quest for love and happiness.
Our reliable source says “He worked as an intern at the tattoo shop where Amber got her Leah tattoo, and he has quite a lot of tattoos himself, He seems like a good person. But is he good for her? No one knows yet.”

Amber Portwood has had a string of boyfriends since splitting from Gary Shirley, the father of her daughter, Leah.  But while her latest lover has received approval from Amber’s friends, they still think it’s doubtful, Dockery will be ‘the one’ “Amber is sowing her wild oats so to speak,” said the source. “She does seem to have a different boyfriend most of the time. She needs to settle down.” 
Why should Amber settle down?  Whatever fame and wealth she has is directly due to her trashy wild ways, and she is smart enough to know this.  She didn’t get famous by being a nice girl.  Another source confirms the relationship saying: “Amber and Adam have been dating a couple of weeks. They met through a mutual friend.  “He thinks she’s absolutely awesome and they’re really happy together. I know it sounds crazy but they’ve even already talked about a future together.  Adam’s pretty laid back and has no problems with Amber’s ex, Gary, in fact he says that he thinks he seems like a nice guy.”

According to his Facebook page, Adam the tattoo artist has 16 tats in total and he has even taken to his ‘wall’ to express his love for his new girl, calling her ‘amazing’.



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