The Biggest Loser Season 12 Episode 2 Live Recap 9/27/11

The Biggest Loser Season 12 Episode 2 Live Recap 9/27/11

The Biggest Loser is back tonight with the second episode of the 12th season.  Last week we saw Debby eliminated it was clear she really did not bond with the rest of the contestants.  As she left she told everyone she would be back as a “Jazzy Grandma”.  Loved It!  If you missed last week’s episode read our official recap here!

The show all opens up with Alison visiting the contestants who are relaxing in their rooms.  She tells there are a lot of stereo types that are associated with age.  This week they are putting it to the test.  She asks for a volunteer from each team.  They go with Allison.

They go into a room that is filled with fresh-baked donuts everywhere YUM.   For this week the gym will only be open three times a day rather than all the time like it usually is.   Each team will only get one time slow.  The time slots are early morning, afternoon and later in the evening.

Each donut is 35 calories; the team that eats the most donuts will get to choose their time slot.  This is their first temptation challenge.  Most of the contestants resist the temptation.

The results of the challenge are in.  One team ate 11 donuts and it was only one person on the team Mike.  However, they did not win.  The winning team ate 37 donuts and again it was only one person on the team who did the eating, John.  He ate more than 1,300 calories.

So the Black Team wins the challenge and get to assign all three teams the times they can train.  The Black Team chooses 5AM – 7AM, they give the Blue Team 12PM – 2PM and they give the Red Team the late time.

It is 4:17AM and Trainer Bob heads up stairs with a megaphone to wake everyone up.  Everyone is still asleep and they tell Bob they are still tired.  Well they chose this time slot not sure what they are complaining about.  It is still dark as they got outside.  Bob tells them he is so glad they ate 37 donuts train this early.

Bob is really pushing the Black Team.  Antone cannot take it and he falls off the bicycle on the floor sobbing uncontrollable.  Bob has no sympathy he tells him to get his ass up and work.  He is really pushing him.  Antone tells Bob he knows he is never going to get this chance again.  Bob tells him he is doing everything right he has to stop beating himself up.  As they finished the workout they leave the gym and Sunny calls a meeting.  She overheard John saying she was dumb and her IQ is low and she is not happy.   The other guys got made Antone tells John the comments were unacceptable.   Bob tells them they must resolve this because the black team is cracked right now.  John apologizes to Sunny she forgives him and the team is united again.

Over at the Blue Team (the oldest team) it is their turn for their workout.  Anna (trainer) feels Johnny gives up too fast.  Anna has to spend a lot of time with Johnny and the rest of the team is upset and frustrated.  The rest of the team is really trying.  The workout ends!

Over at the Red Team they are almost ready to work out.  They are really focused on their nutrition and they calculate their calories very closely. The Red team does not have the best time slot they have to train from 9PM – 11PM.  Patrick thinks Dolvet is really cool outside the gym but once he gets in the gym he goes insane.

The contestants are visiting the Dr. Huizenga so he can evaluate their physical problems and if they don’t lose weight how their health may deteriorate.

It is time for the challenge.  There is a huge maze and their job is to use their body weight to steer a ball through the maze the team the fastest.  The team who wins gets a 2 lbs advantage at the weight in.  The team who comes in gets a 1lb advantage.  The red team gets it in 7:45 minutes.  The blue team does it in 14:45 minutes.  The black team does it in 7:42.  That gives the Black Team a 2lb advantage at this week’s weigh in and the Red Team a 1 lb advantage at the weight in.

The teams are at the last chance workout and the trainers want the contestants to give their all.  The contestants are limited to only two hours this week.  The trainers plan to have them go till the end.  No excuses only results.


Under 30 Team Results

Courtney         started at 254, lost 7 lbs this week now 247 lbs.
Patrick             started at 387, lost 6 lbs. this week now 361 lbs.
Jessica             started at 254, lost 7 lbs. this week now 232 lbs.
Vinny              started at 426, lost 5 lbs. this week  now 400 lbs.
Ramon            started at 355, lost 9 lbs. this week now 328 lbs.

Total  35 lbs and 2.18 %

In Between Team Results

Jennifer              started at 330, lost 6 lbs. this week now 305
Joe                      started at 348, lost 2 lbs. this week  now 324
Sunny                 started at 277, lost 6 lbs. this week  now 255
Antone                started at 447, lost 10 lbs. this week now 405
John                  started at 445, lost 15 lbs. now 393 lbs.

Total  41 lbs and  2.38%

50+ Team Results

Becky                   started at 238, lost 5 lbs. now 223
Debbie                  started at 239, lost 6 lbs. now 227
Mike                     started at 309, lost 7 lbs. now 290
Bonnie                  started at 254, lost 3 lbs. now 247
Johnny                  started at 328, put on 3 lbs, now 313

Total  13 lbs and   1.2 %

Someone on the Blue Team will be going home tonight.  There is one person on the Blue Team who is safe Mike because he had the highest percentage weight loss.

Although Johnny put on weight he wants the team to keep him.  Anna (Trainer) tells him he did not work hard enough and she is not really surprised.

Becky voted for Johnny

Johnny voted for Bonnie

Bonnie voted for Johnny

That is enough and Johnny has been sent home, he will not be The Biggest Loser!