6 responses to “Tori Spelling’s Husband Tweets Her Naked Breasts On Twitter”

  1. anon001 says:

    Its still on his lockerz website

  2. […] can assume that Tori was nursing baby Hattie.  Well, Dean was screwing around with Liam and posted THIS PHOTO of Liam being goofy… before he realized that his wife’s boobs were in plain site, on […]

  3. Rowena says:

    Never mind Twitter, why is she topless in front of her son???  Isn’t that a reason for child protective services to be called???

  4. implantz need love too says:

    From the location of the censorship dotz, her implantz getting very zaggy. That poor kid can’t unsee those flapperz.

  5. Youbethcha says:

    Did they airbush out the little piglets that were sucking on her breasts?