True Blood Season 4 Episode 12 Finale Recap – ‘And When I Die’ 9/11/11

True Blood Season 4 Episode 12 Finale Recap – ‘And When I Die’ 9/11/11

Tonight’s the night get your fangs ready, your mug of true blood and hold onto your seats it is the season finale of our favorite television show True Blood.  On last week’s episode the Wiccan-vampire standoff reached a critical juncture.  Bill shoots Marnie in the head but she is not gone!  At the of the show Jesus is feeling bad for Marnie’s death, but Lafayette reassures him that he did the right thing.  Jesus falls sleep and Marnie appears floating over Lafayette and possesses him and Lafayette/Marnie smiles, yikes!  This week’s episode the finale is called ‘And When I Die’ and it is rumored to have one or two regulars dying.  People who voted in our poll last week voted overwhelmingly that Jesus would be gone by end of the night or Hoyt.  If you missed last week’s episode catch our RECAP HERE!

Tonight’s show opens with Lafayette and Jesus, Jesus is apologizing to Lafayette for pushing him in the magic before he was ready.  Jesus says ‘this type of magic is too strong for us and we are too weak’  Jesus tells him he will agree to leading a magic free life.  Lafayette has a really weird look on his face he really does a fantastic job with this.  Jesus is talking to Lafayette he looks at him and realizes something is wrong.  Lafayette shakes his head and tisk, tsik’s and then stabs a fork into Jesus’s hand.  Yikes!

Over at Sookies she is seeing a vision of her grandmother dead.  Tara comes downstairs and the vision is gone.  Sookie tells Tara she keeps feeling like her grandmother is here.   She cannot shake the feeling.  Tara asks her if they are magnets for F**king craziness.  Sookie tells her she hopes not LOL

Over with Sam he is at his brother Tommy’s grave and is very upset.  Mrs. Fortenbury shows up to be with Sam at the grave.  She tells Sam about all the things Tommy stole from her.   Sam thinks he let Tommy down.  She tells Sam, Tommy was not her flesh and blood but she thought of him as a son.  She asks Sam to call her Mommy!  Luna and her daughter show up at the grave to support Sam.

Over with Jason he is visiting Hoyt and he is telling himself before he gets out of the car “Jason Stackhouse you are a good person”  He tells Hoyt they have to talk, he asks Hoyt to put the chainsaw down first LOL….  He reminisces with Hoyt about being children.  Then he blurts out and says “I had Sex with Jessica”  Hoyt laughs and Jason tells him he is not joking.  Hoyt asks how and Jason starts telling him the positions.  Hoyt hits Jason and tells Jason they had a code and Jason broke it.  Jason tells Hoyt he drank her blood he tried to fight it and he could not.  Hoyt tells him he made choices and he is beating the crap out of Jason.  He tells Jason he will never have with Jessica what Hoyt and Jessica had and leaves him bleeding on the gound.

Back over with Jesus and he is tied up and he is telling Lafayette whatever Marnie told him to do he can fight it.   Jesus tells Marnie/Lafayette that she wanted possession because she was lonely.  Marnie/Lafayette is mad at Jesus because he took Antonia away from her.  Lafayette is trying to break lose from Marnie and Marnie threatens to cut out Lafayette’s eye.  Jesus asks what Marnie wants and she tells him she wants what Jesus’s grandfather gave him.

Over with Arlene she is dressed up as a zombie there seems to be a Halloween party going on at Merlottes.  Sookie is looking for Sam and she reads Arlene’s mind and finds out Tommy is dead.  She heads over to Sam’s to comfort him.  She tells Sam he fired her and Sam realizes it was not him it was Tommy.  He gives Sookie her job back and tells her she can start work right away.

Marnie/Lafayette is telling Jesus how it may be Halloween but it is also Samhain, Wicca’s greatest holy day.  Jesus continues to try to convince Marnie/Lafayette to let Lafayette go.  Marnie tells Jesus that he betrayed her.  He wants what Jesus has or Marnie is going to kill Lafayette.   Jesus agrees to give what he has to Marnie/Lafayette and starts chanting while Marnie keeps saying ‘give it all to me’.   Jesus turns into the demon and Marnie stabs him with a knife and then licks the blood off the knife and Marnie/Lafayette turns into a demon and Jesus says ‘Lafayette I am sorry.’

Over at the Halloween party at Merlottes Sam is introduces Luna’s daughter Emma to the kids at the bar.  All of a sudden someone says hello to Terry and it is a friend Patrick from the Core and Terry introduces him to Arlene.  Patrick asks Terry to have a drink with him, apparently Terry saved his life two times.

Alcide is at the bar and Sookie asks if he is still mad at her.  Sookie asks where Debby is and he says she is gone.  He tells her he is seeing clearly and Debby is out of his life for good.  He more or less tells her he wants to be with her.  She tells him she cannot change her heart.  He asks her to try.  Alcide gets a call and has to go and asks her to think about what he said, he asks her to try and not get herself killed.

Tara shows up over at Lafayette‘s house and finds Jesus dead and she screams. She sure is a great screamer!

Holly shows up dressed like a fairy frightens Sookie.  She tells Sookie nothing to be scared of Fairies are not scary.  Holly tells Sookie she has had a terrible feeling all day and Sookie says her too.  Tara shows up and says she’s back.  Sookie says who and Tara says Marnie and tells Sookie she thinks Marnie is inside Lafayette.  Next the girls are speeding away in a car going somewhere.   Tara is telling Sookie she cannot let Bill and Eric hurt Lafayette.

Over to Bill and Eric tied and silvered at the stake.   Funny line Bill tells Eric he liked Eric better when he was brain dead.   Sookie, Tara and Holly show up and see them tied up.   Bill asks Marnie why she is doing this she cannot win and she tells them she is already dead thanks to them.    The guys are burning and Holly is trying to set a spell to break Marnie/Lafayettes hold.  Marnie has turned into the demon while Holly, Tara and Sookie chant.   All the dead are coming out of the graves walking as the girls chant.  The dead show up and Antonio and they call for Marnie.  Marnie is happy when she sees Antonio.  Antonio stops the fire and tells Marnie she is here to take her back.  Marnie tells her she is not ready.   Sookie’s grandmother steps up and pulls Lafayette out of Marnie.

Marnie tells Antonia no one cares what she wants.  She is not finished yet.  She complains to Antonia that she has been listening to them for years and now she has real power.  Marnie is upset because she feels Antonia is letting the vampires win.  Camera flashes over to Bill and Eric who are burnt up pretty bad.  Marnie starts to scream she is really pissed and Sookie’s grandmother tells her there is no room for that where they are going and Marnie holds Antonia’s hand and they start to walk away.  Sookie asks her grandmother not to go.  She is lost without her.  Her grand tells her she is not, the answers are in her heart.  Grandma leaves and Sookie sobs.  The dead disappear!  Tara is trying to wake Lafayette up

Eric screams ‘excuse me we are feeling a little crispy here’  Arlene is going to put the garbage up and turns around and it is Rene (dead guy, father of her demon child)  and he tells her he is bringing trouble to Terry, the ghosts of his past.

Running through the woods there is someone with a red cape on we cannot see who it is yet but they show up at Jason’s house and he is screaming he has no candy.   Jason opens the door and it is Jessica in the red cape and he tells Jessica he told Hoyt about them.  She wants to know if Jason hurt him and he tells her he did not touch him.  He invites her in and they are having sex.  Lots of naked Jessica and Jason.  She asks him if their relationship be enough now because she does not want to be anyone’s girlfriend right now and she does not want to hurt him like she hurt Hoyt.

Over at Fantasia Pam walks in asking where Eric is she tells a girl there she is so fed up with Sookie’s fairy vagina and her stupid name.  She asks how Sookie can steal Eric away from her.  Who knew Pam is in love with Eric.   Pam is crying.

Over with Lafayette and Tara, Lafayette is really upset he feels he killed Jesus.  She tells him they are going to get through this sh*t together just like they got through everything else.

Over with Sookie Eric is eating from one arm and Bill is eating from another.  She tells them to stop it is enough.  Bill is telling her she saved their lives.  She says it was her turn to save them.  She tells them she cannot imagine a world without both of them.  She tells them she cannot stand it anymore no matter what she does someone she loves gets hurt.  Bill tells her he just wants her to be happy and if being with Eric is happy she has his blessing.   Sookie tells Bill she forgives him.  Bill tells her she is the love of his life.

She says if she is very honest it is not the goofy Eric she fell for she like the other Eric too.  Eric tells her she won’t be sorry.  Sookie tells him she already is.  Sookie tells Eric ‘it is over’. 

Sookie tells them it is the hardest decision she has ever had to make she is leaving both of them and she does not want them to stop her.  Sookie leaves, closes the door and starts sobbing.

Over at Lafayette’s he hears a noise outside and asks if it is Jesus.  Jesus walks in and Lafayette is apologizing.  Jesus tells him don’t worry about it, everything is temporary.  Jesus tells him he is cool with how everything went.  Lafayette asks how can he live with murdering him and Jesus leans down and kissing him.  Lafayette ask him not to leave him.  Jesus tells him that Lafayette is a medium and he will always be with him.

Over with Holly, Andy shows up and Holly wishes him a Happy Halloween.  He apologizes for taking her flowers and tells him he was a drug addict and it worked for a while.  Holly tells him he is sweet but this is all to much for her.  He tells her he just wanted to tell her he was sober and he can be good to someone.   Holly asks him for a hug, she tells him she could really use one tonight.   ahh he gives her a hug.

Over with Sam and Luna and they are kissing.  Luna is going to take Emma home and put her to bed.  Luna does not want him to say much and jinx everthing.  Sam tells her when something good comes along you have to say so.

Sam hears a noise turns around and there is a huge big black wolf.

Flash over to Jason and Jessica and she is getting dressed to leave.  Jason asks her if she liked it cause he takes instruction well.  Jason asks her could she please stop talking about Hoyt.  Jason asks Jessica if she thinks there is a part of him that is missing like Hoyt said.  She tells him no.  She tells him she is leaving because she is hungry and does not want to drink his blood, she is not ready to do that.  He tells her it is kinda like a hooker and kissing.  She leans over to kiss him and her fangs come out.  She apologizes ‘low blood sugar’

Someone knocks at the door it is Steve Newlin and his teeth/fangs come out WTF!

Alcide over at the site where they buried Russell and the workman is telling him that Russell Edgington is out.  Someone released Russell, holy crap I did not see this coming.

Nan shows up at Bill’s and Bill tells them she has expected them.   Bill tells her Marnie is dead and Nan said “Ding Dong the Witch is head”  Nan is really pissed off and tells him she quit her job at the AVL and the Authority.  She tells them there has been an order put on their head but she realizes that she would be next.  She tells them she is mutinying against the AVL and she wants them with her.  Eric asks what is in it for them.  She tells them Sookie.   They say go ahead she smells great but she is not worth dying over.   She calls Eric and Bill F*cking puppy dogs and the boys go nuts and kill Nan and her two minions.

Over at Sookie’s she comes in and calls for Tara and asks if she is still away.  She turns around and it is Debby and she has a shotgun she fires Tara Jumps in front of the gun and she is killed.  Sookie goes insane grabs the rifle and shoots Debby dead.  Tara is dead.

Sookie is screaming ‘Someone please help me’ and the show is over!

WTF Jesus is dead, Debby is dead and Tara is dead!   Sam is being confronted by a huge black wolf and Jason is in trouble with Steve Newlin at the door.  Bill and Eric have an order to make them meet the sun on their heads and Russell is back.  WOW, cannot wait till next season!

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