True Blood Season 4 Episode 4 Recap – ‘I’m Alive and On Fire’ 7/17/11

True Blood episode 4 Preview

YAY it’s that time again!  True Blood airs again tonight on HBO stay with us as we update the show as it unfolds.  Tonight’s show is called ‘I’m Alive and On Fire’ before we get started here is a short recap of last week’s show.  On last week’s show If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?  Sookie had her hands full when she tries to help an uncharacteristically confused Eric, but she’s in for a bigger surprise on a visit to Shreveport to see Alcide.   Meanwhile, Sam balks at joining Tommy’s moneymaking scheme; Jessica turns to Bill for advice about a moral dilemma; Marnie searches for an elusive spirit; and Pam sets her sights on a meeting with a witch.

Lets get started with tonight’s show, sit back, relax and enjoy….   The shows open with Eric and Sookie – Sookie tells Eric they have to get out of sight.  Eric tells Sookie he would never harm her and Sookie warns him  he better not.  Some great dialog here- Eric pinches her butt and Sookie says he better not do that.  She is trying to get Eric in the house before the sun come up but Eric is in a playful mood and runs away.  He is so adorable!

Bill is talking to Pam and trying to find out where Eric is.  Bill is telling her if she does not tell the truth it is treason.   Bill tells her to tell him when she finds out where Eric is.  Pam says “he really likes the crown on his head.”

Meanwhile we are back over at Hotshot and one of the members of hotshot is on top of Jason raping him.  Once she finishes another girl comes in and this one is a young girl.  Jason tells her he is sick and getting sicker.  She tells him she wants a cub.  She takes a knife and tells him she will cut off “his thing” if he does not have sex with her.  Jason tells her that her first time should not be like this.  She should make love when it is the right time.  She tells Jason she does not want to do it with him.  He asks her to cut him lose, he says he is afraid he is going to die.  She cuts one arm lose and Jason takes the knife and cuts himself lose just when he gets free someone comes in and hits him but he still gets away.

The head of the AVL comes in and asks Bill what was he thinking sending Eric after the witches.   She feels Bill is panicking for nothing.  She warns Bill no dead humans or she will have his ass.

Marnie has a dream and she is communicating with another witch.  She wakes up and then we see her with Tara, Jesus and Lafayette they are asking her to reverse the spell on Eric.  She says it was not her it was the Goddess.  They are telling her the vampires will kill everyone and rape them if she does not do something.  She agrees to try to contact the goddess.  They try to contact the goddess but nothing is working.

We are back to Alcide and Sookie and Alcide has turned into a wolf and they are trying to find Eric.  She tells Alcide if they don’t find Eric, Pam will kill her.  All of a sudden a naked (yum) Eric jumps out of the water.  Sookie tells him to get out,  there are Gators there.  Alcide changes back to himself and he and Eric are arguing all of a sudden the fairy blood starts to wear off and Eric starts to burn from the sun.  Sookie covers him with a blanket and he heads back to the house.

We are over at hotshot now and Jason is running away injured and trying to get away form the were-panthers who are following him.  He takes of his shirt and leaves it so they will follow that and scent and tries to mislead them.

The scene cuts over to Sam’s brother Tommy and he is at his mother’s trailer (thought we had seen the end of her)  He tells his mother he missed her.  She says good cause you have to be the man.  She asks him if she left Jolee and she says she will tell him about it later.  He tells her he can read now.  She is proud of him.  He tells Mom that Sam shot him in the leg.  She says getting rid of Sam was the best decision she ever made.  Tommy says you are right he never cared about us.  Tommy asks his Mom if Jolee put her back in the ring.  He says with the scars he can see that he did.  She says she was sure she would win.  Tommy tells her you never know how it goes.  She says Jolee saved her life.  Tommy asks how her how she can stand up for him.  All of a sudden a chain came out of the woods and wrapped around Tommy’s neck.  It is Jolee and he is strangling Tommy and tells him he will learn obedience.

Sookie gets Eric down in the cubby whole and he asks her to stay with him.  She tells him she can’t and goes up to see Alcide.  Alcide says he can’t stay there he wants to know if she has a death wish.

Back to Jason who is hiding in a tree – he is making a spear and you can hear the were-panther he is below Jason.   Jason  jumps out of the tree and stabs the were-panther.  The were-panther turns human and another were-panther shows up and changes.  It is Crystal and she is naked (lots of bare breasts yawn)  Crystal tells him they are mates for life.  Jason tell her to get away from him now and runs away.  She tells him he will be back at the full moon.

Bill is over at Andy’s house, Portia has brought him to meet her grandmother.  Grandma is very critical of Andy and he decides he has to leave.  Bill is very interested in listening to all Grandma’s stories.  She forgets some things so she gets the family bible out.  She cannot read it so Bill reads it to her.   Bill discovers he is related to Grandma and she tells him not to say anything.  Bill tells Portia he must leave and Portia asks if she can go with him.  Bill says he cannot see her anymore.  Portia insists so he tells Portia she is his great-great-great-great grandfather.

Back at Marnies and they are going thought the books and Marnie is asking her faithful spirit guides why they have forsaken her.  A book falls from the shelf and it is tell her how to fix someone who has lost their memory.   They go to the forest and Pam is there and they are in a circle they are going to try to get Eric’s memory back.  Marnie is reciting a things from the book to the Goddess of Memory.  Pam is losing it and tells her it is bullshit.  The goddess comes back in Marnie and does something to Pam.  Pam’s face starts to rot and come off and Pam.  The goddess laughs and Pam runs away and Marnie passes out.

Over at Alcides, Debbie is waiting for him and gives him a kiss.  She asks him why he shifted today.  He tells her Sookie called he had to go to Bon Temps to help Sookie catch a vamp.  She asks if Sookie is okay and he tells her ‘you know her danger on the doorstep all the time’.  He asks if she is mad and she tells him no that he is a good man.

Over at Arlene’s house the baby from hell is up to bad things again.  The baby write on the wall ‘Baby not yours’ and everyone is freaked out.

Back in the cubby hole Sookie is with Eric.  Eric tells her if she kisses him she will like it.  Just before it happens Eric looks up and says someone is at the door.   Sookie goes to look at the door and it is Bill.  He is looking for Eric and wants to search Sookie’s home.  She tells him NO he says he has too.  She asks him when has she ever lied to him?  He walks into the house and then changes his mind and leaves.

Back to Jason he is stumbling along the rode and vomiting he falls to the ground.  He really looks like he is in bad shape.  Someone is coming up to him it is a car and they stop.  It is Hoyt and Jessica and they recognize it is Jason.  Jessica tells him to drink.

That’s it for this week, make sure to visit us next week.  What do you think of the show so far?