True Blood Season 4 Episode 6 Recap – ‘I Wish I Was The Moon’ 7/31/11

True Blood Season 4 Episode 6 Recap – 'I Wish I Was The Moon' 7/31/11

It is another week of True Blood!  True Blood will air tonight on HBO and stay with us as we update this site as the show unfolds.  Tonight’s show is called ‘I Wish I Was The Moon.’  Last week on True Blood they brought the conflict between the vampires and the witches to the forefront as Sookie finally came face-to-face with Marnie,  the leader of the coven.  At the end of last week’s show we see Bill meeting with The Sheriffs and Pam.  Pam starts to scream that Marnie erased Eric’s memory and Bill says how do you know that?  He grabs Pam and makes her admit that Eric is at Sookie’s.  Bill says Sookie’s, he disappears and the show is over.  If you missed last week’s show catch our RECAP HERE!

Last week’s show left use with lots of questions and they are suppose to be answered in tonight’s episode.  So Lets get started!  The show opens tonight with Sookie and Eric having some serious make out time.  Eric tells her she is ‘the most beautiful thing he as ever seen’ and she tells him ‘it is because he does not remember anything.’

Bill Compton comes in teeth bared and attacks Eric.  Eric fights back and picks up the poker to stab Eric.  Sookie tells him to stop because it is his King.  Eric gets down on his knee and says “my liege forgive me.”   Sookie is telling Bill that he has NO right to tell her what to do.  Sookie tells Bill not to hurt Eric.  He has Eric bound in silver.  Sookie tell him she knows it is because of her.  Bill tells her he does not care who she has had between her legs.   Bill tells Sookie Eric is a danger.  Sookie tells him if he ever loved her he won’t hurt Eric.  Bill tells her it is vampire business and she should stay out of it.

Bill has Eric who is looking confused in a room.  Eric says it smells like death in the room and Pam says it is me.   Pam’s face is falling off and rotting and she tells Eric that the witches did it.  Eric asks her if she is afraid she tells him F*ck off I am mad and I want to get the witches that did this.  Eric tells her they cannot King Bill said no.  Pam is telling Eric he is a viking and he listens to no one.  Pam tells him she will get his life back and Eric says he does not want it and he does not want his old life back.  He tells her he is not the same vampire he was.  Pam is crying.

Over to Bill he is talking to the head of AVL and he tells her he has Marnie the witch and he has Eric but he is infected and extremely unstable and dangerous.  She wants to know if the spell can be undone.  He recommends ‘the true death’  ughh at this moment I hate Bill what a snake.   They are going to get back to him if he can kill Eric.  NO!

Meanwhile over at Arlene‘s house they are in bed and she tells him no smoking in the boudoir.  They look up and the place is on fire.  Remember last week a book of matches lit up by itself.  Arlene is going nuts looking for her baby.   Terry takes her out of the house as she cries for her children.  The house blows up and she is screaming all of a sudden she hears the kids they are in back of her and the baby is there.  The kids say they found the baby (Mike) outside with the ugly doll. Arlene thinks her ex-fiance (who is dead) tried to kill them in their sleep.  Andy is pissed at Sam he thinks since Sam owned the house they lived in and it is his fault the house went up.

Andy is flirting with one of the members of the coven (Holly) she works at Merlotte’s and Andy is asking her if they can have a date.  She agrees and Andy is excited.

Over at Tommy’s house Sam is calling him to tell him Arlene and Terry’s house went up.  Tommy looks in the mirror and his face changes to Sam’s.  It turns out Sam’s lady friend was right, when a shifter kills a member of his family he can turn into another person (a skin-walker)

We are now in Mexico and Lafayette and Jesus are at his grandfather’s house.  He is telling him they came because they are in trouble and they need protection.  The grandfather is not impressed with Jesus begging for help and wonders where is his pride.  His grandfather tells him to bring him a sacrifice and then they will see.

We flip over to Tara’s place and the someone is at the door it is Tara’s girlfriend and she wants an explanation.  Tara lied about who she is.  Of course this whole boring scene ends up with the two making out… Boring…

Over at Sookie’s she calls Jason and tells him she needs help Bill has gone nuts.  Sookie then goes to Sam and tells him she cannot work.  However, it is not Sam, it is Tommy and he fires her.  Tommy heads into the bar and flirts with all the women.  He is loving being Sam.

Sookie heads over to Jason’s house and he is won’t come out of the room.  He tells Sookie to leave she comes in the room and he is on the bed.  He tells her not to come and closer.  She asks him if it is a sex thing and he says no.  She wants to know what is happening.  He tells her he thinks he is turning into a were-panther.  She laughs.  He tells her it is a big ass cat.  He tells her what happened at Hotshot.  He asks her to leave because he does not want to hurt her.  She finally believes him!

Over at Alcide and he walks into his house.  Debbie is there with the pack leader and he tells Alcide that Debbie has a right to be part of his pack.  The pack leader tells him it is perilous times for wolfs and tells Debbie he will see her tonight.

Alcide tells Debbie she is f*cking things up and Debbie tells him isolation is not good for her.  She asks Alcide to come with her at the full moon.

We are over with Marnie and she is telling the spirits she cannot fight them on her own and she is asking for help.  She tells them she is so afraid but they cannot let them win.  She keeps saying save me, use me, avenge yourself.  The goddess comes and Marnie is now possessed.   I don’t think this is going to be good :-)

Over in Mexico Jesus and Lafayette are look for a sacrifice for Jesus’ grandfather.  Jesus catches a snake for his grandfather to kill.

We are back at Jason’s and Sookie and they are fighting back and forth.   Jason says what are you going to do for me ‘change my kitty litter’  LOL best line of the night so far.  Jason is telling her he does not want to be a freak of nature.  Sookie says ‘like me.’  Sookie says there is no such thing as normal.   She tells him not to worry she will support him.  She goes to get him a beer and when she gets back Jason is gone, she fears he has turned into a were-panther.

Jessica feels Jason’s panic and comes into the woods.   Because her blood is inside her she can feel him.  She tells him it is a full moon and it is not safe to be out.  He says it is not safe for her to be here.  Jesssica asks him if the bites he got has turned him.  Jason is telling her he cannot breathe and Jessica is trying to help him through it.  I see a romance here for Jessica and Jason.  He tells her to go to Hoyt and she tells him no.  She is staying with him.  Meanwhile Sookie is looking for him in the woods and she has a rifle and Debbie jumps out of the woods and she is with Alcide.

She asks Alcide if there is a way to turn a human into a were and Alcide tells her no so Sookie is happy and thinks Jason is okay.

Tommy is making a mess of Sam’s life by pretending to be him.   Finally Tommy turns back into himself.

Back with Jason he has not turned and he now thinks he will not.  He is with Jessica and they are talking she is telling him how she feels.  She tells him it is exciting.  She likes being a vampire.  She tells him it is hard to explain but her new world in endless her old world was small.  Jason is telling Jessica he does not understand why Sookie got all the special and he did not.  He thanks her for staying with him and tells her he is not going to be a were-panther.  Jessica tells Jason not to tell Hoyt.

We are over at Bill’s and they bring Eric out.  Bill asks him if he understand why he is there.  Bill tells him he has been given the order to give him ‘the true death’ Eric says he does not expect mercy.   He says he does not have anything to say in his defence.  Eric says he has a request, he wants Bill to release Pam.   He asks Bill to tell Sookie ‘he was born the night he met her and now he knows what love is’  They open a case and there is a stake in it.  Eric tells Bill Sookie still cares for him and hopes they find their way back to each other.  Bill asks why he wishes that and Eric says because Sookie deserves happiness.  Bill lifts the stake and we cut over to Mexico.   I love Eric what a romantic :-)

Jesus gives his grandfather the snake and he tells him the snake is the gateway to the spirit realm.  Grandfather cuts his wrist and tells them this is the same magic Marnie is using.  She is looking for possession.  Lafayette tells them that it is not Marnie they need protection from and grandfather tells them they don’t even know what they need protection from.  Grandfather swings the snake at Jesus and it bites him.  Lafayette says why did you do that and the grandfather says to protect him.  Tio Luca has possessed Lafayette and he is healing Jesus.

All of a sudden Lafayette comes to and says ‘who the F is Tio luca.

Over at Sam’s house he walks in and finds Tommy passed out in his own vomit and he shakes him and tries to wake him up.  He looks pretty dead.  We can only hope!

Tara is talking to her girlfriend and Pam comes over and Tara is freaked and asks girlfriend to leave.  Pam says no need to squabble girls there is plenty of me to go around and her teeth come out.  I am thinking she wants to get revenge.

Over at the holding cell where Marnie is being held.  The vampire that is watching her comes down and comes in the room teeth bared he recognizes that Marnie is possessed and he tells her she killed his maker he goes for her she puts her hand out and he falls to his knees she says ‘You little F*ck’

Next we have Sookie in the forest looking for Jason and she is screaming he is not going to be a were-panther.  Sookie hears someone coming and looks up and it is Eric he tells Sookie that King Bill let him go and walks up to her and some serious kissing went on.  Finally what everyone has been waiting for Sookie and Eric have sex.  A lot of Eric’s bare butt showing. YUM  They are doing it in the forest.

Tonights show leaves use with Sookie and Eric making love/having sex.  Let’s hope Sookie and Eric stay together a long time.

What did you think of tonight’s show, I loved it!  Let us know in the comments below!