Twitter Stalking — What Are Your Fave Celebs Tweeting About?

Twitter Stalking -- What Are Your Fave Celebs Tweeting About?

For some reason, the Celeb World is a little quiet this Sunday night, so Celebrity Dirty Laundry has decided to do some perfectly-normal-not-creepy-at-all Twitter stalking for you. See if your fave celeb made our list of tweeters!

Lindsay Lohan: @ANDYSAMBERG_why are you not in NYC! do you understand what is GOING ON right now? lol

Settle down, LiLo! You better not be insinuating that you’re having a party. No more “Tea.” Remember?
Kim Kardashian: Oh yeahhh RT @KylieJenner: #KUWTK6 tonight!! On E! At 10/9 central! If you have direct t.v. its on at 7! Woohoo
KUWTK = Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It’s on tonight — but so is True Blood. So, sorry Kim, a lot of people probably won’t be watching KUWTK :(
Ashton kutcher: Don’t miss @mrskutcher on Cnn tonight. CNN Nepal stolen children documentary. #dnafoundation
Talking about his wife, AKA Mrs. Kutcher.
Ellen DeGeneres: I’m thrilled about the news from NY. Marriage equality! Every day we get a little closer. What an amazing feeling.
Ellen DeGeneres on the passage of gay marriage in NYC.
@johncmayer hasn’t tweeted yet.
That’s literally all I’m seeing on his Twitter account. And a website said he was one of the Top Ten Celeb Tweeters! Epic fail.
Lady Gaga: So honored performing in Tokyo for Japan Aid and the passion of Marriage Equality in NY bled through our veins. Watch:
Lady Gaga: – Celebrating in Tokyo with The Haus. A Lemon Sawa for equality, overcoming + the hope of the future.
Gaga is gaga for Japan. She seems to love it there!
Jennifer Aniston: I fell so hard yesterday! I tripped on some stairs and hit my leg so hard! ha clumsy me!
Woopsy, JenAn!
Hugh Hefner: Anna & the girls are getting ready for the Kandyland party after the movie.
Let them go to the party, Hef. You go to bed. You need your rest!
Chelsea Handler: Thank you, fans.
Chelsea Handler is Hil. Ar. I. Ous. She came to Portland this weekend. I went to see her show; she’s even funnier in person.
Lord_Voldemort7 (The Dark Lord): Dear people complaining, You know the best way to get a fake death TT to stop trending? Stop tweeting it, morons. Regards, Common Sense
Thought I’d leave you all with that one. Check out the Dark Lord’s Twitter. He has over a million followers. He follows . . . 0 people. The Dark Lord bows down to no one. Are we missing out on one of your fave celeb’s Twitter antics? If so, leave their name below and we’ll be sure to check them out!