Was Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal’s Relationship a Publicity Stunt?


Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal’s relationship lasted for about one minute or least it felt that way.  One minute they were having coffee the next minute they were split up the next minute Taylor is writing a song about her broken heart.  Poor Taylor would appear to be unlucky in love since she was also dumped by her former boyfriend Joe Jonas.  Recently the two were spotted having coffee again and rumor had it they might be back together.  However, our friends over at Earsucker have a great theory – maybe the two were never together and this was all an elaborate publicty stunt.

Earsucker has the scoop:

How mad would you feel if you found out that the whole relationship may be a figment of all of our imaginations? Seriously, these two only really met up for a coffee date once and then they went apple picking. Then they were the new “it” couple. Take a step back now. Did either of them actually confirm any romance between them? Sure, we’ve seen the photo of them walking down a street and her arm is around him, but that could be a friendly gesture only.

You see, there is no real concrete evidence that these two were actually an item. So that brings me to the “why”. Why would they make something like this up? Well, we’ve already covered why Taylor would want to do that. When people feel sorry for her, for some unknown reason, they run out to the store and buy up her music. And then there’s Jake. Why would Jake fake it? Of course there’s the obvious “he’s gay” rumors (which I think are false, of course.) And then there’s the movie he was trying to promote, Love And Other Drugs.

What do you think are they on the right track?  Could this have all been a publicity stunt?

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