Angelina Jolie Walks Out On Brad Pitt Over His Baby With Another Women (Photo)

Angelina Jolie Walks Out On Brad Pitt Over His Baby With Another Women (Photo)

The current issue of Star Magazine features the explosive story ‘Angelina Walks Out After Discovering the truth about Brad.’  Yikes what a shocker Star magazine claims that Angelina Jolie walked out on Brad Pitt after she found out he had a baby with another gasp… women.

Star Magazine has the scoop: “A fuming Angelina Jolie stormed out after a huge blowup with Brad Pitt when she learned the bombshell news that he had tried to have a baby with another woman — his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston!  The truth came out: Brad and Jen tried to have a baby, but she miscarried. “He had never told Angie this before,” the insider revealed and added that the 36-year-old felt “betrayed.” “She had assumed all along that she was the only woman Brad had ever impregnated. Now Angie is questioning everything, including whether she can ever trust Brad again.” Betrayed and shaken, she walked out and left Brad with the children.”

What do you think, does Angelina have a right to be mad at Brad?  Sound out in the comments below and let us know.  Also featured in this week’s issue the magazine claims to have the details of why Russell Brand dumped Katy Perry.  The magazine alludes to the fact that Russell caught Katy in the act.    The magazine also has the details on Kayne West’s ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose, claims that Kim Kardashian is a cheating slut who destroyed her relationship with the rapper.  Although Kim has always insisted that she and Kanye were just friends, it appears that they were friends with benefits!

To find out the scoop on Angelina walking out on Brad Pitt and a lot more, pick up the current issue of Star Magazine.

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18 responses to “Angelina Jolie Walks Out On Brad Pitt Over His Baby With Another Women (Photo)”

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  2. Alwayzmistreated says:

    Hell No!!! He was atleast married to Jennifer. This cow is trying to create a new unisex American league with him, trying to make up for her misfortunes as a child. I apologize about the cow comment b/c I love her characters she chose throughout her career; I mean, even Hackers! But although she wanted what she wanted with Brad I still think she was very shady the way she went about doing it. Also if I was Jennifer, I would’ve called up all my girls from Friends and paid her I’m soft but wanna look rough butt a visit…

  3. Courtney5167 says:

    She has no right to be mad.  She is a homewreaker!!!!

  4. Naniejcjordee says:

    This story is such bullshit!! Leave Brad an Angie alone! No woman can wreck a man’s home if he wants to be home. Stop blaming women it takes two to make an affair happen.  

    • cbinatl says:

       That was tacky to say that! Yes it takes two to tango, but Angelina knew Brad was married and SO WHAT Jennifer was pregnant!!!!!!It’s like you are condoning what Brad and Angelina have done! If Brad will do it with her he will do it to her!

    • cbinatl says:

       Well they are public figures and yes it takes two to tango; but Angelina went after Brad when he was still married to Jennifer and it was tacky for him to do what he did after Jennifer miscarrying.Jennifer has moved on and I wish her all the happiness she can get from Theriox and Angelina is soo jealous of Jennifer she can’t stand the fact Brad still care for her. Well, she was his wife Angelina!

  5. Ttierney123 says:

    Hell no!  She is homewrecking nutjob!!!

  6. Justsaying says:

    What a load of shit, really people pay money to read this??? lol

  7. obviously bored says:

    oh who gives a crap already

  8. KeepCalmCarryOn says:

    (the below)… says the woman who was a mistress… nice morals there honey. At any rate… Who the freak cares if he tried to have a baby with his wife? That’s a pretty normal cultural tradtion!

  9. SJ says:

    so what – they were married. 

  10. helens says:

    Angelina has no reason to be upset, So what if Brad and Jennifer had a miscarrage, Its SAD actually….. to bad the baby didn’t survive and poor Jennifer to have this brought to her attention i’m sure this has to effect her bringing up the loss of her child coming from experince, It is very hard to get through and now poor jennifer has it brought up!!! Angelina you are SELFISH get over the past between Brad and Jennifer and move on with YOUR life!!!!! As for you Brad don’t feel bad and I’m sorry that you have to deal with such a Selfish person!!!! And to BOTH BRAD AND JENNIFER I AM SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS!!!!

  11. cbinatl says:

    How could Angelina feel betrayed? She was the one cheating with Brad to begin with. Can you imagine how Jennifer felt when Brad and her divorced after a miscarriage? This is a double whammy-what goes around comes around! I feel Brad and Angelina will probably never marry because there is no trust between them!

  12. jewel says:

    brad would never read the book. they are inlove

  13. Tinka says:

    This story has “we’re having a low news week and we’re making things up!” written all over it. I mean, seriously? “She had assumed all along that she was the only woman Brad had ever impregnated.” Come on. And the headline, Brad’s baby with another woman? How can anyone take this seriously?