Are Courtney Love and Madonna Twin Sisters? (Photo)

Are Courtney Love and Madonna Twin Sisters? (Photo)

47-year old, Courtney Love was in New York City flashing some veiny arms as she waived to well wishers at a gallery where she was showing off her paintings and drawings at Fred Torres Collaborations and she looks just like Madonna’s twin sister!

When I first took a look at this photo of Courtney, I had to look again – I thought it was Madonna, seriously! Well, on a Madonna ‘good day’ anyway. The bottle dyed blond messy hair, veiny and muscular arms, pale skin; the resemblance is truly uncanny. Not to mention that they are both slutty, talentless and annoying.

While Madonna is out there jumping around on stage with her pom poms singing some LUV Madonna crap in slutty cheerleading outfits, Courtney has painted a blonde girl wielding a knife with self-harm scars on her arms. Another similarity, both are creating disturbing work and craving attention!

I don’t know about you – but both Courtney Love and Madonna creep me out, what they believe is artistic, is just plain creepy.

Both of these women need to concede their crowns, the days of people wanting to hear them sing or see them in the news, are OVAH!

Honestly, can you see either one of these women looking at their own work and saying, ‘Yes, this is great – it totally represents me?’  Do you like Madonna?  How about Courtney?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Ihateu says:

    no one else but me comments on for shit because you have no impact, no point of view, no perspective.  Madonna and Courtney Love are genius, talented song writers, you’re a nothing critic.