Are Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Back Together If He Gives Up Scientology?

Are Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Back Together If He Gives Up Scientology? 1023

Should the title instead have been, “Is Katie Holmes stupid”? Would she give up everything she’s accomplished and the kick ass reputation she’s created in this short period of time just because Tom Cruise gives up Scientology – assuming he ever would do that? I’d like to think the answer was Ah, hells to the no.

But as we’ve witnessed this summer, Katie Holmes is nothing if not unpredictable.

“Katie is a sucker for the big romantic gesture,” a friend told Grazia magazine. “Tom swept her off her feet the first time around, and if he goes ahead and leaves Scientology for her, that would be seriously tough for her to resist. The religion is the biggest thing in his life. If he left that behind for her, it would be immense,” the source continued. “But it seems that may be what he’s talking about doing. He misses Suri like crazy.”

He misses Suri so much? Is that why he hasn’t seen the kid in two months? Regardless, what’s more believable – Katie taking Tom back or Tom giving up Scientology? Trick question! There’s no way either could happen! You’ve got to have balls of steel if you’d first convince the world your husband is crazy and then go against public opinion and take him back.

But let’s say he wasn’t crazy. Let’s say Tom actually did renounce Scientology. Then is it OK to reconcile? Tom is Maverick after all. Surely Maverick could get a second chance in our hearts if he wasn’t bat sh-t crazy. I’d have to give the green light on that. Think of the headlines. Katie Saves Tom! Katie Helps Tom See The Light! Tom’s beaten employees would cry tears of joy at Katie’s feet!

I’m just saying… if the fashion line or the acting doesn’t work out… it could be a good thing. But, again, this source is probably for shit. There’s no way Tom’s quitting Scientology. He is Scientology. That would be one existential crisis and I’m not sure I’d want to deal with that if I were Katie. Still… to be the woman who stole Scientology’s greatest follower would be massive. The Catholic Church has canonized people for much less.

Is this Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes back together story valid or is it wishful thinking? If Katie and Suri could have driven Tom away from Scientology, don’t you think it would have happened already?

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5 responses to “Are Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Back Together If He Gives Up Scientology?”

  1. ScrappyKid says:

    This story was old two weeks ago, AND Tom’s PR guy issued a denial per Cruise’s instructions about one week ago.

    Nuthin’ to see here. This story isn’t a click-maker.

  2. AnGuanOP says:

    I don’t think quitting your religion should be characterized as a ‘romantic gesture’ (not that there has been any evidence that he is planning to). It is a cataclysmic shift in your thinking to realize that you have committed to something that may not be right for you. It would be quite a bit more than a romantic gesture, I think. Tom is a force of nature. I am sure life isn’t the same without him.

  3. cari says:

    a mean drunk, even dry, will still have that personality. Tom, sans scientology, is still an insecure narcissistic delusional egomaniac.

  4. james says:

    press trying to defame tom for last 5 years. but truth is he ruled the industry on merit for past 3 decades. he is highest paid actor. he earned this through hardwork and effort. not by writting these type of paid articles. shame on u. u people did same with michael jackson. and he is no more. after he is american. and most well known star around the world. so respect your people. thats why u find him more in UK then usa

  5. media_lush says:

    We’re looking at Phase 2 of the massive damage control PR blitz ahead of his Jack Reacher premiere. The first NON-STORY his PR people put out was that he was considering leaving scientology (this was picked up by just about every media outlet in the world…. total snow job!.) It’s all about the money! If Cruise can’t open big for Reacher then he’ll be considered damaged goods.