Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 12 “Margate Sands” Recap 12/2/12

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 12 “Margate Sands” Recap 12/2/12

Tonight season 3 of HBO’s BOARDWALK EMPIRE come to an end with the season finale.  It looks like even more bodies are piling up, 11 murders and counting.  Can you believe it is already over, the season was fantastic!   On tonight’s show Desperate to weaken Gyp’s alliance with Masseria and reclaim Atlantic City, Nucky cedes control of one of his prized assets to Rothstein. Harrow returns to Gillian’s brothel for some unfinished business. Did you see last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you.

On last week’s show things really heated up as Gyp made his big move on Atlantic City.  Nucky sought refuge with Chalky. With the Artemis Club overrun by Rosetti thugs, Gillian contemplated a business future that included an unwelcome partner. Luciano made a deal he came to regret; Harrow lost his house privileges. Nucky was looking for help and he offered someone anything they wanted.

On tonight’s show in the Season 3 finale, Nucky sacrifices a key asset to Rothstein in an effort to disrupt the Rosetti-Masseria alliance and take control of Atlantic City once again Meanwhile, Luciano finds himself with a new drug partner after being arrested in New York; Chalky and Capone are unlikely allies in the war against Masseria; Harrow returns to Gillian’s brothel to finish what he started; and Margaret tries to solve a romantic conundrum.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 12 (season finale) — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you think of Boardwalk Empire season 3, so far!

Tonight’s recap: Tonight’s show opens with men getting shot down by Al Capone and his men.  The mayor of  Atlantic City is being asked if he has lost control of the city.  There have been 11 murders and counting.

The body count is rising and the Mayor claims the attacks are gangsters against gangsters and the regular folk do not have to worry.

There are many scenes of violence, people getting shot.  Piles of dead people.  The mayor is taking a lot of flack.  The reporters ask where Nucky is and if he running this.  The mayor tells the reporters, Nucky does not run anything , the Mayor does.  The reporters laugh at him.

Nucky talks to Mickey Doyle he wants Nucky to come and see the operation that they are going to run for Melon.  Doyle tells Nucky if they get the operation up, Nucky will be the biggest bootlegger in the city.

Chalky’s men and Al Capone’s men are fighting and Nucky has to break it up.  Al threatens to take his men home, he is not pleased having to work with Chalky’s men.  There is a lot of tension between them.

Gyp is with Joe Masserai and Joe asks Gyp how many men he gave him.  Gyp admits 43, Gyp admits that he has lost 12 of Masserai’s men.  Gyp tells Masserai he has Nucky’s hotel, he has the casino and he has Nucky’s warehouse.  Masserai tells him he does not have Nucky.  Gyp tells Masserai that they are winning.  He promises to Masserai he will keep his promise to him.  Masserai is doubtful…..

He fixes Gyp’s clock and he slaps Gyp on the cheek and tells him, now he will know what time it is.

Gillian has a tray with a sandwich and milk and she wants to go in and see Tommy, the guards lets her in.  He is upset, he won’t talk to Gillian.   Gillian tries, but the kid is not giving in, he is upset.  Gillian tells him she understands.

Nucky is still at the Lumberyard, Eli is trying to fix a car and Nucky comes over to help him.  They are reminiscing about being kids and their childhood.  Nucky asks Eli if he has his family someplace safe, he agrees he does.  Eli asks him if he has Margaret and the kids safe.  Nucky tells Eli maybe they should have stopped when the going was good, they always want more.  Eli tells Nucky they can talk about that when the war is over.

Nucky tells Eli, it is over now.  No one is going to want to come near Nucky in Atlantic City again.  Eli disagrees, he tells Nucky he just has to offer them something they want.  He tells Nucky he is clever, he will think of something.

Mickey calls Arnold Rothstein and tells him that he is all at sea where he is.  He tells Arnold he is sitting in the distillery right now and it is huge and he tells Arnold that he thinks Nucky would give up the distillery for help with his current problems.

Lucky has been arrested, the two Feds are talking to him.  The Feds are questioning Lucky they want to know where he got the money, where he is getting the heroin.  The Feds tell him, they could make him disappear.  Lucky tells them he could give them 50lbs of white.

Gyp is sitting at Nucky’s desk filing his nails and Gillian comes in.  She asks him if it is hard being away from his daughters, he agrees.  Gillian tells Gyp it might be good if her and Tommy go somewhere else.  Gyp tells her he would not like that.  Gillian assures him he does not have to worry about her.

Gyp tells Gillian once it is all settled he and Gillian will show the town how things are run.  He intends to treat Gillian like a Queen up there on a Pedestal.  Gillian ask where he is, and he says, “Way down below, like a little bug crawling around on your toe”  She says, “I could crush you!”  Gillian asks if that is what he likes?

Gyp tells her he is just having fun.  Gillian tells him that people have fun in many different ways and that is okay that is what her club is all about.  She continues to flirt with him.

Arnold calls to speak to Nucky, he has an offer.  Arnold wants a percentage of the ownership in Nucky’s distillery (99%). If Nucky gives it to him,  he can convince Joe Masserai to take his support away from Gyp.  Nucky agrees!

Nucky hangs up and comments to Eli, “Big Bait, Catches Big Rats!”

Margaret is at a doctor.  She is there to get an abortion.  The doctor’s wife tells her she can think about it until she is sure.  Margaret tells her she is lost, then she asks if she leaves her dress on.  The women is going to get her a clean gown. So I guess she is going through with it.

Lucky is talking to Meyer, he tells him he worked out an angle and he is not doing time.  He tells Meyer he will cover the hit, out of his pocket, he guarantees it.  Meyer is upset and not talking to Lucky, he finally says, “50 lbs, $100,000 Fuckin dollars!”

They go in to see Arnold Rothstein and Masserai is there and the 50lbs of heroin is there.  Then Lucky realizes that Arnold set him up and starts to go insane.  The Feds walk in that were questioning Lucky and they were Arnold’s men. Lucky is not pleased at all.  Meyer tells Lucky to shut up or they are both dead.

Arnold tells Masserai that he thought he had civilized Lucky, but there is only so far you can go.  Arnold asks Masserai, since he has all the heroin, would he like to join him in the heroin business.

Dunn is peeing and Al Capone’s men come out with Al and they are not pleased.  There is a lot of tension between Al Capone’s men and Chalky’s men, I guess they are getting fed up waiting.

They put down their guns and Chalky’s men and Al Capone’s men start to fight.  Eli comes out and shoots his shotgun.

Nucky tells them that Gyp is at the Artemis club and Masserai has pulled his support and Gyp does not know it.

Gillian is in a teddy and she comes in to see Gyp and asks if she pleases him.  She comes over to him and they kiss.  Gillan asks Gyp what he intends to do to her.  He tells her he is going to split her down the middle until she begs and he is not going to stop.  Gyp tells her when he is finished there will be nothing but a wet spot and a hunk of hair.  She eggs him on and he tells her she is a worthless piece of shit.  He tells her if she looks in mirror she will see she is worthless.  Gillian agrees and tells Gyp she is an ugly little ape.

Gyp asks her if she is laughing at him and she says, “Why wouldn’t I, everyone else does.”

He takes off his belt and she ask if he would like her to whip him.  She takes his belt and wraps it around his neck and starts to strangle him.  She goes to stick a syringe into his neck.  He sees her lift the needle to his neck and he grabs it.  He tells her someone always has to lose and he takes the syringe and sticks it in her arm.

He looks out the window and sees men leaving in cars and screams, “where are you going?”  He comes down to his men and asks where everyone is gone.  He says they are gone to NYC, Masserai’s orders.  Richard Harrow is in the house and he starts shooting people, Gyp runs out.

Richard goes up the stairs and starts shooting all Gyp’s men.  He is killing everyone he is seeing, he is looking for Tommy.  He goes into another room and finds a man with a gun to Tommy’s head.  The man tells him to put his rifle down or he will shoot Tommy.  Richard gets down on his knees and tells Tommy to close his eyes and he shoots the man.

Masserai’s men are driving out of town and Al Capone’s men and Chalky’s men ambush them. Al Capone says to Chalky, “Glad I got that out of my system”  Chalky replies, “Me and you both!’  They both laugh.  Al Capone tells his men they are going back to Chicago.

Nucky and Eli are walking through Gillian’s club and are shocked at all the dead bodies.  Nucky finds Gillian and he asks her who did it.  Gillain tells Nucky someone did something very bad to her.  Nucky leaves her and starts walking away with Eli.  They hear a noise and find one of Masserai/Gyp’s men, Tonino in the closet.

Richard has Tommy and he rings Julia’s doorbell.  He tells her not to turn on the light.  He tells her neither of them are hurt.  She sees there is blood all over his face.  Her Dad comes to the door and tells her to take Tommy.  Julia wants to know what is going on but her father tells her to go upstairs.  Her father asks Richard if anyone saw him pull up.  He tells Richard that you do not come home like that, that is not a way a soldier comes home, they clean them self up.  Richard tells him Tommy is safe and that is all that matters.  Richard leaves.

Esther Randolph gets a call from Andrew Mellon, he asks her if she is in a place that her conversation won’t be heard.  He has a request, a certain business enterprises of his, a distillery has been commandeered by a criminal organization.  He wants Randolph to arrest anyone who is there.  She asks if he wants her to arrest Nucky.  He tells her Nucky was the one who told him that his enterprise was taken over.  He lets her know Arnold Rothstein is there and he wants her to arrest him.

Gyp is on the beach and a few of his men are there.  Tonino, the man who was in the closet at Gillian’s pulls up and tells Gyp he was hiding in the closet, he asks Gyp who was the man in the mask?  Tonino tells Gyp they cannot go to NY, they have to lie low in the woods and get their bearings.

Gyp tells him to relax it is a party.  He is only selling hootch every other Thursday.  He is a very important person, Gyp is talking insane and acting insane.  He tells his men, Fuck them all, he came there with nothing.  He wants to head West and start over. He walks over and starts peeing and singing about Barney Google and how he is not going to tell his wife.

All of a sudden blood starts pouring out of his , Tonino stabs him and then he stabs him again.  That is it, Gyp falls to the ground dead.

Tonino puts his knife away and walks to the car – Eli and Nucky are waiting there.  Nucky tells Tonino to bring Gyp to Masserai and tell him it could be the end of their problems or the beginning of the problems. He is okay with either way He tells Tonino if he comes back to Atlantic City, he will kill him.

Nucky tells Eli he does not want anyone coming near them, anyone knowing their business.  He does not want anyone near them they don’t already trust.  Eli agrees.

Margaret is in bed and there is blood on her hand.  She comes out of the bathroom and Nucky is there.  He tells her he just wants to talk and he would not hurt her.  He tells her he is willing to forgive her for what she did.  He is the only father Teddy and Emily have known.  He tells her, her life is with him.

He asks her how much she is willing to sacrifice to prove a point that does not matter to anyone.  He tells her no one is watching and no one is judging.  He hands her money and tells her it is for the children.  H tells her it is only money and it does not mean anything.  Margaret tells him it does mean something and she walks by him without taking the money.

In Atlantic City, Nucky is walking down the Boardwalk and he takes out a cigarette, someone asks him if he is Nucky Thompson and he glares at them.  He has a red carnation in his lapel and he takes it off and drops it on the ground.  Nucky is not happy, he has his town back, it is rebuilt but he is not happy.

He walks into the crowd of people on the Boardwalk.


That’s it folks, for season3…………