Brad Pitt Leaked Advance Notice Of His Engagement To Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt Leaked Advance Notice Of His Engagement To Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt provided his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, with special advance notice of his engagement to Angelina Jolie.  Brad is always a true gentleman, except of course when he slept with Angelina while still married to Jen.  Anyway, either Brad didn’t want Jen to hear about the engagement in the media or Angelina made him call…   But call he did and in early April Brad called Jen to announce that he has proposed to Angelina and that she had accepted.

Jennifer immediately went into full damage control mode and starting publicly boasting about her amazing love life and how Justin Theroux was the man of her dreams…  For example, in the latest issue of Australia’s ‘Mary Claire,’ Jennifer  went out of her way to announce to the world that she has found nothing but joy and happiness with Justin.  Jen said she adores Justin’s sense of humor adding: ‘he’s a protector, for sure. He’s just a good human being.’

Of course damage control for Jen was far from over – as soon as Brad and Angelina made their engagement official last Friday Jen’s massive PR team put out word about how ‘happy’ she was for the couple .  Yes – as soon as Brangelina’s engagement was official, amazingly, we read about how happy Jen was!

Happy my butt!  Jen might be happy if Angelina fell off the face of the Earth but don’t tell me she was pleased that the woman who stole her husband will now be marrying him.  Anyone who thinks Jen is happy for Brangelina is beyond gullible – they are just plain thick.

The National Enquirer Print Edition, April 30 has the details:  “Brad called Jen the first week of April to tip her off about the engagement,” revealed the source close to the 43-year-old “Friends” star.  Brad said, “I wanted you to hear it first for me. I asked Angelina to marry me and she said yes.”

‘The news hit her like a ton of bricks. Jen never actually believe that Brad would actually marry Angie.’

They were Hollywood’s ultimate golden couple until Brad, 48 and Angelina flipped for each other while filming the action thriller” Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Jen filed for divorce in March 2005, and the split was finalized several months later. But a devastated Jen-who fell for Justin, 40, in 2011 after they filmed the quirky ‘Wanderlust’ quickly bounced back, said the source.

In a true master stroke, she made a glowing reference to Justin in a magazine interview that hit newsstands shortly before Brad’s engagement was announced.

“Jen obviously knew the engagement announcement was coming,” said another source “It was no coincidence that her own story was leaked right before hand”

So there you have it folks.  The inside scoop on Jen’s plotting and scheming to try to come out looking good after the Brangelina’s engagement announcement.  No matter what she does, Jennifer Aniston will never look good to me.  What do you think?  Do you buy Jen’s PR crap?  Let us know in the comments below.

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6 responses to “Brad Pitt Leaked Advance Notice Of His Engagement To Jennifer Aniston”

  1. Guest says:

    Your the only one not looking good here! The National Enquirer??????? As if they have any scoop on this! And what’s with your comments about “Jen’s massive PR team?” As if Pitt and Jolie don’t have huge PR teams? Come on! Look at how they got this engagement news out in the press. They magically got a pic of the ring snapped at a “private” museum viewing. Then when no one cared about it they had the jeweler release a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, an industry trade, in order to get the media interested! You can’t get a bigger PR stunt than that.

    Magazines go to print long before being released, plus that quote of Jen’s included in Marie Claire actually came during her film promotion two months ago! On top of that she hasn’t said a word about the engagement. Lowlife site Hollywood Life was the first to pretend to have knowledge of her thoughts on it saying how she might even attend the wedding. Come on! People magazine invented a reaction from her too when it realized that the only thing the general public was interested in when it comes to the engagement was Jen’s reaction (She was in the top 10 of internet searches this week, not Brangelina). Meanwhile the truth is she probably doesn’t give a crap since she’s long moved on, her ex was a cheater douche to begin with (so why would she care?), and she seems to be in a great relationship now.

    You need to stop believing all the negative Jen tabloid stories you read. Shockingly you don’t seem to believe any of the negative Brangelina ones! Wonder why that is…

  2. Debbie says:

    Brad & Angelina’s marriage will never last – you can not build happiness and love when it started out as cheating.  Their relationship revolves around the children but kids grow up and move away.  And, then the two cheaters will be miserable.

  3. lala says:

    YEP!!!! she is the only one honest

  4. JGreen says:

    Why is it so impossible for people to believe that Jen might really be happy? It doesnt have to be a PR stunt. If Brad and Angelina get married fine, who cares? In Hollywood celebs get married after years of being together only to divorce months later. 

  5. Lauren Smith says:

    Angie is a hippocrite….all her do good philanthrapist PR talk in poverty stricken areas and then she sports a 20 million dollar ring….Likely had to get engaged before Jen and Justin…Angie has serious issues and Brad is a big whimp. Just sayn.

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