Breaking News: Tape Proves Gabriel Aubry Is the Victim in the Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry Brawl!

Breaking News: Tape Proves Gabriel Aubry Is the Victim in the Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry Brawl!

It’s a fact that French people have passionate personalities. They’re better at sex, at gastronomy, at romance, and at fighting. There’s no way in the world a Frenchman would be able to resist fighting for amour, especially if his ex-woman is dating another Frenchman. Yesterday’s Thanksgiving was a brawl at the Halle Berry household – if you don’t know yet, her ex and father of her four-year-old daughter was arrested for punching her current fiancé in the head (or something). The details are still vague, as both men were screaming at one another in French, but we do know that Olivier Martinez has a busted hand, while the ex, Gabriel Aubry, has a broken rib. Tsk, tsk gentleman! That’s no way to express your beautiful French culture!

Purportedly, Aubry attacked Martinez when he dropped off Nahla, their daughter, at Berry’s home yesterday. There’s no information as to why Aubry allegedly attacked Martinez, but sources close to Berry say Aubry was the instigator. Aubry was also booked last night at the police station for assault, while Martinez walked away with a bruised ego and a dodgy hand.

What really happened? Why would Aubry viciously attack Martinez in front of their daughter and baby mama? Something smells like fish, and it’s definitely not Bouillabaisse! A few weeks ago, Berry and Martinez attempted to steal Nahla away from Aubry and move her to France. They alleged in court that Nahla would be safer in France away from the prying eye of the paparazzi – the pap laws are much stricter in France than in the United States. (Un)fortunately, Martinez and Berry lost their bid to take the child away. Could this have been a ploy by Martinez and Berry to paint Aubry as the bad guy, the horror ex, and the evil villain? Surely, if they’re able to assert in a court of law that Aubry is a danger to her and to Nahla, they would temporarily take away his parental rights and would leave the field wide open for Martinez and Berry to take the kid and run off to France. This won’t be the first trip around the block for the underhanded and overrated Berry bitch.

Peculiarly, only Martinez’s hand is busted, but Aubry suffered from a broken rib. Could Martinez have tried to block Aubry’s first punch? Or did Martinez throw the first punch? Martinez’s hand is busted exactly at the spot where the hand would connect with someone’s face/ribs/etc. Did Martinez spin a sad tale to the police of how he was violently attacked by Aubry?  Pardon us if we’re stupid, but why would Aubry decide to tackle his daughter’s stepfather in front of her eyes? He obviously loves her very much and would do anything in his power to protect her.

It’s a fact that French people have passionate personalities, but it’s also a fact that Halle Berry is a manipulative bitch who has been trying to undermine Aubry from the get-go. We know whose side of the story we believe, do you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet