Breaking News: Jenelle Evans Granted No-Contact Order Against Gary Head

Breaking News: Jenelle Evans Granted No-Contact Order Against Gary Head

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans and her ex-fiancee, Gary Head, went to court today, where Jenelle was granted a no contact order against Gary.

Earlier today, the 20 year old tweeted, “Court is over. I was granted the no contact order for up to a year on him. Thank god!”

So what is a no contact order, you ask? Is it the same as a restraining order? “It’s called an Ex Parté Order,” explained Jenelle. “Which is more extreme then a restraining order… He can’t talk about me period.”

So what happens if he does try to contact her or talk about her? According to Jenelle, he “gets locked up every time he does.”

Apparently, Gary has not taken the same no contact order out on Jenelle, however, because she has been discussing him a lot today on Twitter. This could be seen as problematic because if the accusations are false, he is unable to defend himself, while she is able to continuously talk about him whenever she wants.

None of us will ever know for sure what happened that day and family and friends of the former couple are divided on the issue, as are fans of the show.

Family and friends of Gary who have spoken out all scoff at the accusations, saying he would never do something like this. So does his new girlfriend and longtime friend, Claudia. Many fans also believe Jenelle is lying.

Family and friends of Jenelle believe Jenelle when she says that Gary hit her, as does her current boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, and many fans believe Jenelle is telling the truth.

Perhaps when the next two seasons of Teen Mom 2 air, which Gary will appear in, one will get a better sense of his personality and character and therefore, have more information to make a judgement on who to believe.

Or maybe not.

They say there are three sides to every story: his version, her version and then the truth, which usually lies somewhere down the middle.