Dexter Season 7 Episode 11 “Do You See What I See?” Recap 12/9/12

Dexter Season 7 Episode 11 “Do You See What I See?” Recap 12/9/12

Tonight is an all new episode of Showtime’s DEXTER called “Do You See What I See?” On tonight’s episode it’s Christmastime, and Debra learns it may be better to receive when she gets a tip from Hannah’s father, one that could lead to incriminating Dexter in a crime.. Did you see last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it for you here!

On last week’s show they were given a name to the murderous arsonist – they’re calling him The Phantom and he struck again. There’s finally a witness that saw the arsonist leaving the scene in his silver fire-proof suit. She says it looked like an alien or a monster. Dexter’s had his eye on the arson investigator as the killer. Twice he tried to overlook evidence at each of the first two crime scenes that Dex noticed. Dexter told his honey about the flaming felon and she knew right away he was thinking about giving him the plastic wrap and knife treatment. He told Hannah he promised Deb he wouldn’t take any cases away from the police.

On tonight’s show it’s Christmastime, and Debra learns it may be better to receive when she gets a tip from Hannah’s father, one that could lead to incriminating Dexter in a crime. Meanwhile, Dexter discovers that the man behind his mother’s death has been released from prison.

Hannah and Deb will have a face off about who loves Dexter more. Deb says she’ll do anything to protect her brother from Hannah. Does that include sending her to prison? Deb knows about the witness Arlene who could put Hannah away for good and she told Dexter she wasn’t going to listen to him anymore, so he may not be able to get her to back down

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss, we are down to the last episodes. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Dexter Season 7 Episode 10 — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you think of Dexter season 7, so far and check out the sneak peek video below!

Tonight’s recap: Tonight’s recap opens Dexter musing about how he has never thought about the future or growing old, because the future has never been kind to people like him.  Dexter is daydreaming about Hannah.  He is also daydreaming about Harrison all grown up.  With Hannah, he thinks his future seems very possible and growing old is not only a possibility, but appealing.

The phone wakes him out of his daydream,   he gets a call telling him Hector Astrada is up for parole.  He is the man who killed Dexter’s mother.  He was the man who gave the order.  Dexter tells Hannah about him.  All the men responsible for his mother’s death are dead, but Hector is the last surviving.  Hannah tells him the universe is giving him a Christmas present.  Dexter thinks killing Hector will open him up and give him a future with Hannah.

Hector has his parole meeting and it looks like he will get parole.

Angel wants to know if Deb has found anything more about Hannah’s father.  Angel does not feel right that they are investigating Hannah, Dexter’s girlfriend.

Dexter sees Tom  Matthews on his boat, Tom called Dexter to come over and visit him.  Tom tells Dexter that LaGuerta thinks Dexter is the Bay Harbour Butcher.  Tom tells Dexter he does not believe it.  Tom tells Dexter it is because of what happened to Dexter growing up.

He tells Dexter that there are a few things that are weird, the cabin that Doakes owner was rented by one of the man who killed Dexter’s mother.  Dexter starts to feel like he is being interrogated.  Dexter tells Tom he never really had a good feeling about Doakes and when the Bay Harbour Butcher thing came along something happened that he never told anyone about.  Dexter claims that Doakes had a boat docked the same place Dexter use to be and Dexter moved his boat because he was afraid of Doakes.  Tom agrees that Doakes was scary and that he will get LaGuerta to move on.

Dexter leaves and now he is going to have to get that boat that he claimed Doakes had…

Deb is visiting Arlene, she tells her she is there to keep her out of jail.  Deb shows Arlene a pic and tells her she is there to get Hannah Makay and if Arlene helps her she will keep her out of jail.  Deb thinks Hannah poisoned the man in the picture.  Arlene tells her she will think about it.

Dexter tells Deb that LaGuerta is still looking at the Bay Habour Butcher case.  Worse still he tells her she is looking into it with Tom Matthews.  Dexter tells Deb he has to give them definitive proof Doakes was the butcher.  Deb cautions him not to do it.  Deb tells him she won’t let him do it, she is going to do it.

Meanwhile Harrison is seeing Santa and Deb and Dexter gets into a picture with Santa.

Tom visits with LaGuerta and tells her he is pretty sure that Dexter is not guilty.  LaGuerta does not believe Doakes owned a boat because she did not know about it.  Tom tells her he would not have told her.

Arlene is meeting with Hannah and tells her Deb is looking into her.  Hannah thinks her father gave her up.  Arlene tells her she cannot go to jail.  Hannah tells her to stay strong she will take care of it.

Hannah texts Dexter for HELP.

She wanted help for her Christmas tree, she asks Dexter if he is spending Christmas day with Deb.  Dexter tells her she can come as well.  Hannah tells Dexter that she does not think Deb would be pleased with that.

Deb is in her car and she is taking some prescription pills, she is watching a house.  She sees LaGuerta come out.

Meanwhile, Dexter is watching Hector come out of prison.

Quinn is at the bar looking for Nadia.  The girl tells her Nadia is in Vegas, she moved there to work.  She left Quinn a note telling him she needed a new start.  The note also said that Quinn meant a lot to her and she appreciated what he did for her.

Tom is in LaGuerta’s garage, they find a tackle box with deep seas fishing lures.  They also find keys to a boat.  The tackle box had an address on it. They head to a warehouse and it is a mess.  Tom finds something and he tells LaGuerta to call the forensic team, he thinks they struck oil.  The team tells them they found one fingerprint and it is Doakes.

LaGuerta does not believe it, she thinks it has been planted.  LaGuerta thinks Dexter planted it.  Tom asks LaGuerta why she can’t let it go?  LaGuerta tells Tom that Doakes was innocent and she wants to clear his name.  Tom tells her he is done.  He wishes her Felice Navida.

Hannah goes to visit Deb and Deb asks her what the F**k she is doing there.  Hannah tells Deb that Dexter is happy and that is a big deal.  Deb does not deny it.  Hannah lets her know that Dexter is looking toward the future and a future with her.  Hannah wants to find some common ground with Deb for Dexter’s sake.  Deb agrees that Dexter enjoys having Hannah around.

Deb tells Hannah that it is because she loves Dexter that is why she is going to put her murderous ass in jail and protect Dexter.  She then thanks her for stopping by.

Dexter comes to visit Tom and gives him a Christmas present.  He tells Tom he owes him and apology because he did not come forward about Doakes’ boat.  Tom apologizes to Dexter because he should never have taken LaGuerta’s claims serious.  Tom tells Dexter he will not have worry about LaGuerta anymore.

Dexter says this new made his Christmas a lot better.

Dexter also thinks killing Hector will really make his Christmas better.

Dexter calls Deb and tells her that LaGuerta is finished investigating him, Deb is happy.

Dexter approaches Hector and tells him he has product that he has to move to the Spanish Market.  Hector is suspicious and makes Dexter say he is not a cop.  Hector finally agrees to meet him later.

Angel call Dexter, Deb has been in an accident and she is in the hospital.  Dexter gets there she is fine, but her wrist is broken and there are a lot of bruises.  Angel asks if Deb was taking prescription pills for anything and Dexter agrees she was.  Angel tells Dexter there were a lot of anti-anxiety pills in her system.

Angel then tells Dexter that Deb has been investigating Hannah and maybe she has been taking too many pills because she has been worried about Dexter dating Hannah.

Dexter sees Deb and Deb admits she has been investigating Hannah.  Deb tells Dexter that Hannah came to see her yesterday.  Deb is freaked she thinks that Hannah drugged her, but Dexter does not believe that Hannah did it.

Dexter does not see how Hannah could have know Deb was taking anti-anxiety pills.  Deb tells Dexter people who poisoned people are sneaky.  Deb tries to convince Dexter that Hannah tried to poison her.

Dexter tells Deb she has been under  a lot of stress and she took too many pills, but Deb is adamant that she took one.

Dexter leaves and wants to find proof Hannah did not poison Debra.  Dexter is searching Deb’s apartment and finds a blond hair.

Dexter goes to where Deb’s car was and it is totally wrecked.  Dexter finds a bottle of water and takes it, there is still some water in the bottle.  Dexter says all he wants for Christmas for it to be true that Hannah did not poison Deb.

Angel invites LaGuerta to his restaurant for Christmas Eve.  He tells her Deb is in the hospital still, LaGuerta suspects that Angel wants to tell her something else.  Angel tells her he is enjoying the restaurant, he is thinking of putting his papers in to retire on the first of January.

Dexter goes home and Hannah is there.  The babysitter, April asks how Debra is and so does Hannah.  Hannah, Dexter, Harrison and the April are having Christmas Eve dinner.  Dexter is daydreaming that perhaps the future he is envisioning with Hannah is a lie.

Hannah tells Dexter that she never envisioned this to happen again.  All the men who use to be in her life she wanted to run away, but with Dexter she wants to stay.  Hannah asks him to stay, but Dexter has other things to do.  Hannah figure out it is about Hector.

Dexter tells Hannah when Deb had her accident she was on her way to Arlene’s house.  He goes on to tell her Deb never made it there, she blacked out.  Dexter asks her if it sounds  familiar.  Hannah directly asks him if Dexter thinks she drugged Deb.  She is very upset.

Dexter is worried because Deb is a threat to her.  Hannah tells Dexter she is not that stupid.  She then professes her love and asks him if he loves her.  Dexter agrees he does.

Dexter tells her, he knows Hannah was at Deb’s house.  Dexter tells her if anything happens to Deb, he will suspect her, he knows what she is capable off.

Hannah tells Dexter if she had poisoned Deb, then she would be dead.  Dexter tells her that maybe it was an accident.  Dexter tells her he does not want to lose her.  Hannah tells him, they could have it all, but he has figure out what he wants and what type of future he wants.

Dexter leaves….  He is going to meet Hector – he leads Hector into an empty storage unit.  He drugs him and then once he has him prepared, he tells him it is time.  He tells Hector that he has changed a lot over the years.  Dexter tells Hector what he did to the other men who killed his mother and he tells Hector that he is going to kill him too.

Hector says to Dexter that he is working with the bitch detective.  He tells Dexter that the female detective worked hard to get him out on parole.  Dexter realizes that it is LaGuerta Hector is talking about.  Meanwhile, LaGuerta shows up with an officer.  They head to the storage room where Dexter had Hector and when they get there the room is empty.

Dexter and Hector got out and Dexter tells Hector be quiet but he jumps in the water and gets away.  Dexter realizes the Universe was not giving him a gift, it was LaGuerta.

Dexter is at home, he gets a call it is forensics they tells Dexter that the water was filled with anti-anxiety pills.

Dexter realizes that Hannah poisoned Deb.  He realizes it is not the future he wanted with Hannah, but maybe it is what he deserves.

Dexter takes Debra home from the hospital and he tells her he has a present for her.  He gives her a pen that has Hannah’s print on it and a trace of the poison that killed Sal Prince.  The pen will prove that Hannah murdered Sal Price.

Deb is surprised that Dexter would turn Hannah in, but Dexter tells her he knows she is not safe as long as Hannah is free.

Dexter goes to see Hannah and she asks if it means he knows what he wants and he agrees he does.  He kissed her and he apologizes.

Deb shows up and arrests Hannah for the murder of Sal Price.  Hannah tells him he should have killed her.

Dexter says he should have know better than to count on the future, all you can ever believe in is now, this moment.  Because in a blink, everything can change.