Drake’s girlfriend Maliah Michel and Lil Wayne’s ex girlfriend Tammy Torres are lesbians!

Meet Maliah Michel, Drake’s ex girlfriend (photo above)

Drake’s girlfriend Maliah Michel and Lil Wayne’s ex girlfriend Tammy Torres may be giving up their guys for each other! That’s right! Sure we all knew that Weezy and Drizzy were close (cripes, how many collaborations have they done together?) and it was only inevitable that the women that these guys dated would become tight. Wayne and Drake have a bromance like no other. In fact, they BOTH wrote songs about these two women who ultimately broke their hearts. Weezy’s “6 Foot 7” is said to be about Torres, while Drake supposedly penned “Miss Me” for ex Maliah. Awww, how sweet.

But really when breakups happen, usually everyone separates and goes their own ways but Tammy and Maliah are said to have keep each other’s numbers in their cell phones.

In a series of photos published via the internet, there is proof that Tammy and Maliah engaged in some lesbian activity. There are three pictures that show Tammy and Maliah on top of each other, grabbing each other’s

Meet Tammy Torres, Lil Wayne’s ex girlfriend (photo above)

Check out the extremely graphic photos here. Beware though! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you (I know some of you dirty dogs won’t have a problem checking these out)!

So what do you think? Do you think this isn’t the first time that these two women have “hooked up”? Is there more to Weezy and Drizzy’s relationship than we can see on the surface? Hey, I’m just throwing that out there. Don’t get your panties all up in a bunch.

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  • Lucy

    Thats not Maliah ???? please get it right if youre gonna gossip its @iammaliahmichel

    • Anthony

      And that is not Tammy Torres….

  • jason

    Well drake you should go out with rihanna

  • jason

    Chris brown you have no body to go out with so quit fighting with drake drake can get girls you cant

  • jason

    Lil wayne is so cool he got swag