Flipping Out Season 6 Episode 4 “The Talented Mr. Coleman” Recap 9/25/12

Flipping Out Season 6 Episode 4 "The Talented Mr. Coleman" Recap 9/25/12

The exciting designer series Flipping Out returns tonight for a whole new episode. On tonight’s show Jeff reamed his new assistant Andrew out in his last performance review, and Andrew claims he’s turned over a new leaf. Although he seems to be trying, his past comes back to haunt him.

Jenni and Jeff both reveal that Andrew’s told them quite opposite stories about his past and present, leaving them utterly speechless about who this person is who they’ve hired. If you missed last week’s episode you can read a recap here!

On last show, Jeff and a tough new client showed-down over budgetary issues. Later on, new assistant Andrew found himself in hot water after going way too far in the office, he stepped over boundaries of inappropriate business behavior.  How far qualifies as too far with Jeff Lewis was the question?

On tonight’s show in the wake of a serious performance review, Andrew desperately tries to prove to Jeff that he’s deserving of his job by taking over a project with a tight deadline. As Andrew works to improve his standing in the company, however, Jeff discovers suspicious inconsistencies in his background.

Tonight is going to be a fun episode of Flipping Out that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Bravo’s season 6 episode 4 “Flipping Out” tonight at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of season 6 of “Flipping Out”, so far! While you wait for our recap, check out the sneak peek video of tonight’s show below!

Flipping Out Recap Starts Here:

By now regular viewers know that Andrew needs to maintain a job in order to get his inheritance but he’s beginning to skate on thin ice with everyone.  Jeff begins giving him a lot more grunt work because he feels that in order to prove himself Andrew needs to pay his dues.  He gets to do so by scrubbing a huge stove at Gramercy. Gage doesn’t understand why Andrew is getting another chance. He believes that they have a great crew and then Andrew screws it all up by being a wildcard.

Jeff and Jenni are plotting to celebrate Zoyla,the housekeeper’s birthday. She may clean up after this crew but she is still part of the crazy family. While grabbing gag gifts they buy ski masks and drive around with their faces covered. They actually have fun stopping people and asking for directions to either a 7 Eleven or the nearest bank. Jeff returns to Gramercy to find that once again, Andrew dropped the ball. Jeff decides that if Andrew forgets one more thing in the next 24 hours he’s going to write “dipsh*t” on his forehead.

At this point Andrew says he’d like to believe that Jeff picks on him because he likes him but he’s pretty sure it’s just that he’s Jeff’s punching bag.

Jeff thinks that most of the time he is really good to Zoyla and he feels guilty for the times when he’s a douchebag so he makes up for it at her birthday.  He is having one of his nicer moments here and says that he loves the family environment that his whole crew has created. He tops off Zoyla’s birthday by overwhelming her with a black Mercedes. She’s in tears the second she sees it.

Jeff’s crew is working on a Calabasas house for a couple named Gary and Lisa. They received a letter stating that they need to be living in the house within a few weeks in order for the insurance to cover things. Jeff had previously told them he needed six weeks so now there’s a huge time crunch.  Unfortunately Jeff is putting maybe a little too much faith in Andrew, as he is bound and determined to make that house livable in time.

Andrew sits down to dinner with the gang and tells this story about being 30 grand in credit card debt and his parents turning on him because of it.  Gage is so NOT Andy’s fan and wonders why he didn’t stop spending at 5 grand. Good question.

Jenni and Jeff are having an innocent conversation and she mentions not mailing Andrew a wedding invite because she didn’t have his address. Once they start comparing notes they realize his stories don’t match up- where he lives, who he dates. Everyone has been told something different. He’s supposedly a trust fund kid but he lives in a dump. They realize absolutely nothing matches up and Gage isn’t the least bit surprised. Jeff feels like he’s in the Twilight Zone and the irony is that these are things he doesn’t ultimately care about either.

Jeff decides to have an intervention called Tell The Truth with Andrew. Jeff asks him why he has a handicapped sticker on his car and gets no answer.. In fact he’s not answering anything right off the bat. Andrew flips out and drives off and his reaction just raises more questions for everyone!

Tune in next week because Andrew wants to talk to Jeff and promises not to bring a gun!