‘GCB’ 4/8/12 Season 1 Episode 7 ‘Sex Is Divine’ Review

'GCB' 4/8/12 Season 1 Episode 7 'Sex Is Divine' Review

We got a double dose of GCB last night. The second episode of the night was titled “Sex is Divine” and focused on the sexual energies, and the stories tied to those sensual tensions, throughout high society Dallas. Hormones of all shapes and sizes took to the air last night and caused a whole bunch of Good Christian Bitchiness that only the ladies of GCB can create. I’ve watched every episode now and, I’ll confess, I’ve been sucked into Dallas. *sigh*

The episode began with Amanda bustin’ some balls in Boobylicious and having an awkward run-in with the pastor, who offered her a job at the church as the church secretary. Next, Amanda tried to share an intimate moment with Luke, but Carlene nipped that in the butt very quick.

Cricket and Blake are trying to have another baby and began their search for a surrogate mother. They’re perhaps the couple with the biggest secret on the show: Blake is gay and Cricket is serving as his heterosexual disguise.

At church, the pastor gave everyone a challenge: have sex once a day every single day.

Amanda and Luke’s relationship developed further and they started planning on how they might be able to implement the pastor’s lesson into their lives. After the lesson, Blake and Cricket decided they might be able to try out the pastor’s lesson as well . . . get pregnant the good ol’ fashion sexual way. They’re not sure at first, but ultimately decide to give it a go. Smiles were all over the church grounds. And eventually the pastor’s message (though a somewhat convoluted version) made it to the ears of the Dallas youth. You see where this is going?

Burl proposed to Gigi and she said she’d have to think about it.

Cricket and Blake tried to “get it on” but had some trouble.

During all this sexual energy floating about, Carlene brought her Purity Pioneers to the church hall, kicking out the Nursing Mothers Club. Amanda was forced to assert her power as new Church Secretary and laid down the law.

Sharon and Zack really take the pastor’s sermon to heart. After one of their “sessions” Zack tells Sharon that they’re in great financial debt.

When Gigi tried to arouse Burl, he had a heart attack and was rushed off to the hospital.

When Blake and Cricket tried to give it another go, they tried taking some special pills from China to “get them in the mood.” They were some pretty powerful pills and had them both sweating and nearly on death’s doorstep. That scene was quite hilarious and had me laughing the most I’ve ever laughed during this borderline-ridiculous show.

Carlene’s celibacy promotion got a wee bit out of hand. Amanda tried to encourage her to avoid “demonizing” sex, but she wasn’t buying the argument. Before the commercial break Amanda pulled back a curtain only to find her daughter making out — quite heavily I might add — with Carlene’s son. *insert Carlene gasp here*

While sitting in church with Amanda, Carlene tells her that she isn’t exactly the good girl everyone thinks she is and may  have had more than one sexual partner. Both Carlene and Amanda agree that they can use their stories to scare each other’s children into taking their budding romance slow. It worked. Both children were scared.

Toward the end, Zack realizes he and Sharon can start a new Christian-inspired diet plan called “Losing it with Jesus.” Blake, while watching Spartacus, realizes that he’s bi, so he and Cricket proceed to the babymaking. And Amanda realized she wants to slow things down with Luke. (but they end up taking it quite fast in the end).

 Did anyone out there watch last night’s episodes? Am I the only one? For some reason, I don’t think I am . . . so I want to hear from you! What do you think about the crazy ladies of GCB?

Image Credit to: ABC/KAREN NEAL

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