GLOBE: Kate Middleton Tells Prince William To Sober Up After Heartbreak (Photo)

GLOBE: Kate Middleton Tells Prince William To Sober Up After Heartbreak (Photo)

Kate Middleton has put her foot down and told Prince William to sober up after the Duke of Cambridge turned to booze in dismay and heartbreak. What could make such a fine fellow as Prince William crumble and seek solace in the bottle?

Well it seems that William’s dear father, Prince Charles, and his wicked step-mother, the scheming Camilla Parker-Bowles, have beguiled Queen Elizabeth II into giving the throne to Charles!  Prince William along with most of Britain hoped that the Queen would bestow the throne upon him and his most popular wife, Kate Middleton.  Charles and Camilla are sullied by scandal and do not deserve to ever inherit the monarchy.  And let’s not forget Camilla’s growing mental illness exposed by GLOBE recently.  Just what Britain needs, a mad queen!

The current edition of GLOBE has the cover story:  ‘William and Kate Betrayed – Queen Hands Throne to Charles and Camilla!’  GLOBE also suggests that poor Willy has turned to the bottle as a consequence of this betrayal.  The one bright spot in this dismal turn of royal events is that Kate is staying strong.  She will pull William out of his funk and together they will one day be King and Queen of England. Hopefully sooner rather than later…

We will get to read all the details of Charles and Camilla’s betrayal when we get the print edition of GLOBE.  But there is more!  GLOBE also promises to reveal the details on murder mom Casey Anthony’s bombshell – the sicko says ‘I Want Twins.’  If ever there was an argument for sterilization…   There is also some sad news on the GLOBE cover – former President George Bush is confined to a wheelchair and has just six months to live as he is ravaged by Parkinson’s disease.  We wish him the best of luck.

Once again GLOBE does it right!  GLOBE brings us fascinating reading on the hottest issues.  Each week I read it cover to cover and each week I am entertained while I learn.  You just can’t beat that!

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4 responses to “GLOBE: Kate Middleton Tells Prince William To Sober Up After Heartbreak (Photo)”

  1. Guest says:

    What a ridiculous article. Our British monarchy is passed down to the next in line, not the most popular! Luckily it’s British, not American!

  2. Gina Guillotine says:

    Ugh. Her name is not Camilla Parker-Bowles and hasn’t been for years.  She is Camilla Windsor if someone feels the need to tack a last name on her.  She stopped being Camilla Parker-Bowles the minute she married Charles. 


  3. Guest says:

    Why is this such a breaking story, I don’t get it? Prince Charles has been working towards the throne since he was born! He was always going to receive the throne before Will and the choice of monarch is not a popularity contest! He will be a fine king and Prince William will get his turn at the throne when he is older!

  4. Truth Teller says:

    What planet are you on?

    Diana was a 19 year old virgin who never really dated when she became engaged to Charles. It was widely documented Diana realized Charles was cheating on her with Camilla when a concerned friend dropped the bomb and told her about the illicit affair. This was about two months before the wedding date.

    Both Diana and Charles went to his parents together and said it would be for the best if the engagement was canceled and for the Palace press office to smooth things over with a well phrased press release. The Queen and Prince Charles were forceful and basically shoved the two of them down the altar. Diana’s sisters also pressured her into the marriage as well as her grandmother. Diana AND Charles BOTH wanted to back out of this ill conceived marriage and the blame lies squarely on the Queen and Prince Charles who basically FORCED them to marry despite Diana and Charles pleading to call the thing off. Remember Diana was an heiress with a highly distinguished title and she was really quite happy as a kindegarden teachers aide and doing light housework and nanny duties for Mary Robinson. Diana had zero aspirations to be a socialite and was really more of a homebody who only wanted to be a mum and happy wife. She was painfully shy and utterly inexperienced with men. I do believe this marriage was doomed from the instant the engagement was announced, rremember Charles infamous quote to reporters in the engagement interview “are you in love”? And Charles rolled his eyes and said in an offhand manner ” oh sure, whatever love is.” . Doesn’t that speak for itself?