GLOBE Magazine: The Man Who Forged President Obama’s Birth Certificate Caught! (Photo)

GLOBE Magazine: The Man Who Forged President Obama’s Birth Certificate Caught! (Photo)

This week’s issue of The GLOBE has the cover story ‘BUSTED! This Man Forged Obama’s Birth Certificate!’ Now who would want to go and do a nasty thing like that? Forging anyone’s birth certificate is illegal, let alone the President’s. In fact, forgery is a serious crime, so let’s hope that this turns out to have some benign explanation. Of course there are all sorts of cranks out there so you never know…

This week we look forward to seeing the print edition as GLOBE has blockbuster details regarding the probe into President Obama‘s birth certificate and a stunning photo re-enactment of the moment investigators approached one of two men they suspect of playing a part in the forgery of the document.

The question that comes to mind is why someone would want to forge the President’s birth certificate? I doubt that the perp wanted to get a driver’s license in the name of Barack Hussein Obama II – or apply for a passport bearing this moniker – it would kind of stand out. Could this forgery be politically motivated?

This week the GLOBE cover promises to shed light on why TV is becoming increasingly more violent. The answer must have something to do with producers’ desire for higher ratings and America’s seemingly limitless lust for bloodshed. Sex and violence sells well and this is why producers and networks offer it to us– so if you are looking to apportion blame for the lower standards of entertainment today then I must say, with all due respect, look in the mirror!

GLOBE also covers the dirty secrets of the NBA champs – I can only imagine what those dudes get up to behind closed doors…

We are also promised an insider’s big sneak peek at what is coming up in that great reboot – ‘Dallas.’ Sex tape, betrayal, murder… I know that when I saw Larry Hagman back on my TV screen I was a happy man!

Something else that GLOBE reveals in detail in this week’s print edition is what I have long suspected – Kathie Lee HATES Regis Philbin!

I am ready to get to the store ASAP and pick up my copy of this week’s GLOBE! I need to know all the details of these riveting stories and I know that, as always, GLOBE won’t let me down. When I want the inside scoop on the latest and most important breaking news I go to GLOBE.

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4 responses to “GLOBE Magazine: The Man Who Forged President Obama’s Birth Certificate Caught! (Photo)”

  1. MaryMitch says:

    The Globe is fanning the flames of birther paranoia and contributing to the death of journalistic integrity.

    • LadyLin says:

       May God Bless THE GLOBE — Please Turn The Fan On High !  The Mass Media Sold Out Any ” journalistic integrity ” when Obummer wasn’t VETTED . Thus, the Press became A PROPAGANDA MEDIA –  In Bed With The Liar In Chief . THE GLOBE – while it looks like the article is told in ‘tongue-in-cheek’ style –  Has A Truthful SCOOP !  O has Forged Documents  !  AND , his daddy was Never A Citizen – SO O is NOT  & Never Will Be Eligible to be POTUS –  NOT NATURAL BORN !

  2. Ardiva says:

     This is such a crock of bull! Anything to get money and ratings, ‘eh, Globe??

  3. Donna Mohler says: