Jenelle Evans Was Drugged When Kieffer Delp Took Her Nude Photos

Jenelle Evans Was Drugged When Kieffer Delp Took Her Nude Photos

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans claims Kieffer Delp never had permission to take those nude photos that he sold and are now on the Internet.  Jenelle claims that not only did she not send him the nude photos of her, but that she never gave Kieffer permission to take those photos in the first place.

“I never sent pics to him they were taken without my permission,” she tweeted. “[If you look at the pictures], obviously I wasn’t holding the camera.”

So how did he get a hold of the photos, you ask? Jenelle believes that he took them right after her surgery, while she was still drugged. “I was [expletive] up off of anesthesia after the surgery. I didn’t kno he took the after photos. The before photos [he] took without me lookin and told me he deleted them thats why I was laughing in the pic cuz I’m like lol stop,” she tweeted.

When concerned fans informed her she had a good legal case against him, however, she shied away. “Yes I know I have a good case,” she tweeted. “But he has more blackmail on me so I can’t.

Kieffer has yet to comment on Jenelle’s claims, it is unclear if he is even aware of them but so far, he does not appear to have any regrets and seems to feel completely justified in what he did.

I would have never done it if she didn’t brake my heart then talk shit about me for it,” he tweeted. When told he will likely regret this decision in the future, he replied, “No I won’t lol” and later tweeted, “go racks on racks on racks lmao no remorse.”

Lie down with dogs Jenelle and you get up with your news boobs all over the web.

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