Jennifer Aniston Is Finally Pregnant And Will Marry Justin Theroux (Photo)

Jennifer Aniston Is Finally Pregnant And Will Marry Justin Theroux (Photo)

Jennifer Aniston is finally pregnant again after her heartbreaking miscarriage and she and Justin Theroux are celebrating this glorious news with a wedding in Greece!  The wedding will take place in secret location in Greece and includes a hot celebrity guest, a special dress and other surprises.  Can we expect to see Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie attend the nuptials?

The cover story on the current April 23rd  edition of Star mag promises to reveal all the details of a pregnant Jennifer’s wedding plans.

Hollywood Life has more info on the Jennifer’s pregnant wedding story:  Here are all the details on Jen and Justin’s big day:

The guests: Invitations to Jen and Justin’s nuptials will reportedly be sent out to Jen’s BFFs — Courteney Cox, Chelsea Handler, Sheryl Crow and Laura Dern – as well as Nicole Kidman, Adam Sandler, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

The location: Jen and Justin are narrowing it down to either Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas, or Agia Marina, a small coastal town.  The rings: A source reveals Justin is having special gold bands designed for the big day, and they will be engraved with their names.

The vows: “Greek weddings don’t usually have the bride and groom exchange formal wedding vows,” an insider says. “So they intend to make short pledges of their love and commitment.  Adds another source, “With the wedding and the baby, Jen feels the stars are really aligning for her! It sounds like Jen and Justin are living a real-life Mamma Mia.

Jennifer is pregnant?  Jennifer is getting married to Justin Theroux?  Well Star seems to know all about it.  We’ll be anxious to buy the print edition and learn how they found all this amazing stuff out.  What do you think – is it true?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  2. Bonnie Davis says:

    who cares if jen is pregnant, she has to measure all her men to brad. my god i’m happy you are pregnant because you will never measure up to are an old bitter person, who thought you were going to get brad back, that’s why you have chelsie bad mouthing angie instead of brad. now everyone should be happy now so let’s get this baby on the way so you can feel whole.